Sunday, February 14, 2016

Avacado Egg!

I love avocados but my hubs thinks they taste like dirt.  They will never mysteriously disappear like the Sour Patch Kids or chips - win for me! 

I tried it with 1 egg per avocado like I've seen others do - overflow! I just want nice warm, baked goodness so I left more of it instead of scooping it out. I also added garlic in the mix too - nothing says "good morning honey" like garlic breath! I am such a keeper...

If you push them against the cookie sheet you can flatten the bottoms some. I just put tooth picks in them to keep them semi-level for transport! 

Of course I thought they did not look pretty, on went some cheese and bacon! Arteries need love too, right? 

Finished product after baking for 16-20 mins. at 450 degrees. 

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