Just the 2 of us... (:

Where to begin...

My name is  Trista and I'm from a small town south of Pittsburgh, PA.  We love the Steelers and Penguins! I have three degrees - Elementary Education, Special Education, and my Master of Business Administration.  I taught special education in an Alternative and Partial Hospitalization program for 3 years, with students in grades 1-12.  Currently I teach at a middle school with grades 6th - 8th. :)    I am well versed in all education topics - if you need something in the classroom or help just let me know!

That is me in that picture! Yes I have blonde hair and it is real - usually people ask me where I get it dyed! That is my future hubster - super smart! He is an official CRNA! Those are the ppl that make you go to sleep when you get surgeries.. not the sand man (:

Welcome to my world --- I am a blonde with an MBA who loves shopping, heels, food, family, and my German Shepherd!

My name is Brittany and I am a stay at home mama living in Ohio. I was married in April 2009 and had my wonderful daughter exactly 40 weeks from my wedding day! My husband works for the teacher's union and travels a lot lately.

My daughter just turned two and is getting bigger by the day. I have two wonderfully misbehaved dogs, Dallas and Dukey.  Dukey has a lot of health problems but is the happiest dog in the world.

I am a reality tv junkie! My DVR is constantly full of bad tv and I am always looking for new shows.  I also just started making my own cleaning products and am always looking for a good deal!

About us...

We met in 8th grade and have been close ever since. We have always loved reading and learning of products on blogs so when the time came that we were both able and actually had some time available, we made our own.  I admit people laughed and responded with the general what are you going to talk about - boogers, diapers, shopping and cooking?  Wait... that is not a bad idea ;) 

Welcome to the world of a  SAHM & TW(2b)!


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