Wednesday, October 10, 2012

{2012 Holiday Gift Guide} Teach My Toddler

Like every other mother, I think that my daughter is very smart.  I am lucky to have a child that loves everything about learning.  We are constantly singing the ABC's or speaking in Spanish(she actually knows more than I do!).  I knew after I first looked at the Teach My Toddler Kit that she would be thrilled.  

Teach My has different kits for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.  I selected the toddler kit and was excited to see everything that it included.  The kit comes with four sections: Alphabet, Numbers, Colors, and Shapes.  It comes in a storage case and each subject is separated.  I really like that everything is really organized and easy to find. My daughter's playroom seems to suck everything into a black hole.  I will open a pack of flashcards and when I go to put them away almost half are missing. 

The entire Teach My Toddler Set includes:
~4 Board Books
~4 Full-Size Posters 
~5 Foam Puzzles 
~50+ Flashcards 
~Teaching Guide 
~Storage Case

As soon as I got the kit in the mail, we opened it.  There was a ton of material and I was real impressed with the quality of everything.  The flashcards are really sturdy which is really important for toddlers. The color flashcards are my favorite.  The color side is just solid color, not a picture of something that color.  If a flashcard has a picture of a carrot on it for the color orange, my daughter notices the carrot more than the color. I hung all the posters up in her playroom.  The alphabet poster is a topic of discussion every day in our house.  "Mama, what is a newt?" 

My daughter knows all her colors and shapes but I found this to be a great way to refresh her memory.  She really liked doing the puzzles because she knew where all of the pieces went.  We have mostly been working on her ABC's and numbers.  She knows how to count so we are working more on number recognition.  WE have been reading the foam books and doing the puzzles and flashcards almost every day.  

I love that this is a whole learning system all in one place.  No more finding a great alphabet book but finding out there isn't a similar number book as well.  This is an easy to follow, fun system that any little one would enjoy doing!  I recommend this for anyone who has a little one from ages six months to five years old!  

You can buy a whole kit for only $49.99 or just a section starting out at $14.99.  Order here!

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I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


  1. My son would love this! He is 29 months old and really into flash cards.

  2. I've really been waning this for my daughter.I think it's time to order it. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Great review! This would be great for both of my daughters.

  4. this would be a great educational tool

  5. This is a great review. Educational! Thanks for sharing



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