Monday, August 6, 2012

Masterlock Challenge

Sending children back to school soon? Take the “Master Combo Challenge” to find out just how much both you and your children know about staying safe and secure while they’re away!

Young adults are exposed to identity theft and other forms of security threats more than people of any other age. To combat this trend, Master Lock® is launching “The Master Combo Challenge,” an interactive game accessible through the company’s Facebook page. Students and their parents can play the game to not only discover tips on how to stay safe at school but the best products that will keep their possessions secure. The “Master Combo Challenge” also offers parents and their students a chance to win back-to-campus-themed prizes, including the new Set-Your-Own Combination SafeSpace™ Laptop Computer Lock. Play the game and ensure that a safe, secure, and successful school year lies ahead for both you and your children!
I remember having difficulty remembering my locker combination all through middle school.  My parents had to buy so many locks because the janitor would come and cut it off my locker for me.  :)  I still have problems remembering secret codes.

This is one of the new locks Masterlock has out.  It is amazing!  The ton of locks I had looked nothing like this.  I wish it did, well maybe... I would still forget my code unless I wrote it in a planner.  It looks so futuristic and fancy that I would never forget the code or else my parents would have been REALLY upset.  As an adult I would use this on my locker at the gym and pool.  Who wouldn't?  
Want to test yourself? Go to Masterlocks FB page!

I am entering a contest for a Master Lock back-to-school prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club, but my opinion is still my own!

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  1. LOL! These are definitely fancier locks that what was available when I was in school.



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