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Dallas and Dukey
We are one of those families that are obsessed with their dogs.  We probably have just as many pictures of our pups, Dallas and Duke, as we do our daughter.  A year after we got Dallas, my husband surprised me with Duke for Valentine's Day.  It was the best present I have ever received and he was instantly a member of the family.  Within the first few weeks of getting Duke, we realized that he had some pretty serious health issues.  After numerous vet trips, we discovered that dog has epilipsy and some sort of grain allergy.  His seizures can be controlled with a pill but we still had the allergy to deal with.  We then set off in an seemingly endless journey to find a good food for poor Dukey.  I bought every single kind of grain free dog food at our local grocery store but he wasn't a fan of any of them.  The brands that he did like seemed to upset his brother Dallas' stomach.  But I was determined to find a good food for both our dogs!  I started driving to a locally owned pet store and finally found the perfect food for them! The only problem was the price!  Then I remembered!

"At, we are pet parents too and are dedicated to delivering pet happiness. In fact, was founded by people who have a passion for helping pets and wanted a way to make the lives of pets and pet parents a little bit better! What started as a dream has since transitioned into a successful online pet retailer that provides pet parents a better way to shop for pet products and offers a major charitable program, supporting some of the nation’s best pet organizations. has more than 120 brands to choose from and is ready to fetch it and ship it, direct to your doorstep, anytime of the day. Have a question regarding the best food for your pet? Call us 24/7 and our helpful customer service team at is ready to listen."
We got a 30 pound bag of Taste of the Wild and a bag of Grandma Lucy's Organic Baked Dog Treats for just over $50!  We have been buying a 15 pound bag of the same food for $40 at the pet store!  Plus, there is free shipping on all orders over $49.  I had always heard that it was cheaper to buy your pet supplies on but was afraid that it would take forever to get here or cost a fortune.  I ordered their food on September 5th and it was there the morning of the September 7th!  

I was really impressed with Chewy on so many different levels.  First off, their selection is amazing!  There were so many options for grain free food(287 to be exact!).  They currently have over 120 brands of pet food and continue to grow!  I also really love the prices! They have the best prices on food, treats, and pet health care that I have seen in a really long time.  When combined with their free shipping offer, I will really save a lot of money and I never even have to leave the house.  While I didn't need it, I have heard that they have amazing customer service.  You can chat online, email them or even call and talk to a real person 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  That is almost unheard of these days! I am absolutely using for all our dog supplies now!  Highly recommended!

You can also earn an extra 10% off your first order by using the link below to shop.  Use promo code: BRIT3264 Also, when you buy something with the promo code, they will donate $10 to Best Friends Animal Society! (I am not receiving any sort of compensation if you use the link.  I just think that it's a great way to buy what you need plus help animals in need!)

Promo code:BRIT3264
Also check out their Facebook and Twitter pages!

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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  1. I did a review on their website. I love ITt.. I'm not sure but I may have lost it with all my other stuff in my transition to another host. But is really great!



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