Wednesday, March 6, 2013

7 New Bands to See Live This Year

7 New Bands to See Live This Year
Most people some type of music. Whether your taste is classical, modern rock, or alternative, discovering new artists is always fun. Here are a few up-and-coming bands soon-to-be or currently on tour. If any of these up-and-comers suit your style, make a point to catch them live this year while ticket prices are still reasonable. Not to mention, it’s an unwritten rule of coolness to be the first among your friends to have already seen the next big names in music onstage.

Moving Mountains: An Indie Rock/Post Hardcore Blend You Don’t Want to Miss 
Image via Flickr by Loco Steve
Moving Mountains formed in 2005 in Westchester, NY, although the group is just now starting to gain momentum. The music is similar to that of The Appleseed Cast, Thursday, and Sunny Day Real Estate. Moving Mountains’ second full-length album, Waves, was released in 2011 and the band is on tour this year.

The Lumineers: Selling Out in Cities Everywhere
The Lumineers released their first full-length album in 2012 and they’re already making such waves in the music industry. Their 2013 tour dates are selling out across the U.S. Clearly you should get your hands on The Lumineers tickets as soon as you possibly can.

U.S. Girls: Takes Girl Power to the Stage
While the name may confuse you, Meghan Remy of U.S. Girls is a solo act. She’s been collaborating with Canadian artist Slim Twig, who has a similar sound, but U.S. Girls remains a stark and impressive solitary class act worth seeing. U.S. Girls has a bright future, so this is one act you’ll want to catch before prices skyrocket.

Mumford & Sons: Set to Hit the East Coast
Mumford & Sons has only been around since 2010 but they’re quickly gaining recognition as the next big musical wonder. They played their hit, “I Will Wait,” at the 2013 Grammy Awards and have announced that their East Coast tour is a go.

Haim: Joining Mumford & Sons on Tour
Haim, yet another up-and-coming music sensation, will be joining the increasingly popular Mumford & Sons on the East Coast leg of its U.S. tour. So if you’re looking to catch two of the hottest new acts in the modern music industry, plan to visit the East Coast in the coming months to catch both of these new music pioneers at once.

Django Django: Joining Forces With Palma Violets
Django Django is headlining the NME Awards Tour in 2013, joined by Palma Violets and Miles Kane. These newer artists are all known for their unique, modern sounds. If you can catch this superstar lineup live in action, you won’t regret it.

If you like modern music and you’re a fanatic for scoping out the next biggest names in the music industry, you should book tickets to see these up-and-comers this year. If you wait too long, they’ll be worldwide sensations and tickets will be hard to come by—or at least cost you more than just a weekend’s spending cash.

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