Thursday, December 3, 2015

Home Depot Problems!

We bought our first home and decided to remodel and put an addition on.  Because it is our first house, everyone offered ideas and tips on what to do.  The one that stuck out to us was buy good windows that will last a lifetime, don't go cheap!  We did just that and bought Andersen.  We purchased 11 windows from the Washington, PA Home Depot.  These weren't windows off the shelf, they were custom designed windows from Andersen.  After waiting more than we should have the windows were delivered.  Out of the 11 custom windows only 2 were good to put in.   Only 2...

Almost all the windows have scratches, gouges and  are just horrible. We paid close to $9,000 for top of the line windows that were to last our lifetime in our forever home. Money that we saved ourselves by working hard to use for our forever home instead of doing what others our age do - shopping, drinking, vacations, fun stuff. Money that was spent after researching many hours, days, even months. 

I have been in constant contact with the store from the month it took them to get our order right (had about 15 wrong orders in the computer) to now.  

When we ordered our windows it took FOREVER.  Our order was always messed up, they had to then resend it to get priced, and different people were always helping.   The day we tried to place our order the computer "messed up" and the guys were going to fix it so I could come back the next day to pay and use my Proxtra discount.  I tried to use my discount and was told it was a fake!  Yes, the lady assistant manager told me I was lying and it was fake! I pulled the email up on my phone and handed it to her to view herself.  She still said it was a fake and I could not use it.  After I complained about being mistreated the lady told me I could either order my windows or leave the store.  We needed windows to continue our remodel so I bought them.  If you don't know me I can describe myself as fun loving, outgoing, extremely nice, and strong.  I was absolutely mistreated and should have known not to order from this store. 

Flash forward to today. My windows are in no way the high quality that Andersen promotes and are not worth what I paid for.  The color inside that we chose is beautiful, however the outside is another story - this story.  Scratches, gouges, and slices  should not happen.  They may have been fine in the factory but when they were shipped they were destroyed.   We can not put windows that are scratched and gouged in a new home...let alone any home.  We even have open spaces with the weather coming through in our house and it is less than 35 degrees out! 

Home Depot did not call me back once.  I was told to take photographs and they would see what they could do when they showed them to their Andersen Rep.  I emailed them per the request and heard nothing. I called back and the man that was to talk to the rep. left for the day.  I talked to another man and he "made a note in the computer" for my order.  Are you kidding me? I have open areas in my house and paid a ton of money for a quality product.  I am at a loss as to what to do except post this on social media and ask for help. Help me! 

Breakdown of my order:
Casement-all scratched top side bottom
Casement - gouge out of top inside corner
Double Hung-bottom sash broken(kitchen)
Dh-stain spotty on top of window, top corner scratched(kitchen)
Dh-top side scratches (living)
Dh-corner, side scratched (living)
Dh-corner, side scratched(living)
Dh- corner, side scratched (living)

-Only one that seems ok so far is the big picture&casements; have to see the front but it is so large I can't do it alone.
-1casement was put in and had scratch along bottom of actual window piece but noticed after it was hung
-1dh put it, had scratches on top but drip edge would cover it, scratch on side but not noticeable until you really look for it 

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