Monday, February 15, 2016

Did someone say Windows?

The word windows is a trigger word for me now... I get the shake and twitch from my toes to my eyes. No, really I do! So many problems but I am being hopeful that the company we bought them from will come through with something amazing for ALL the trouble, missed work, worries, time put behind schedule, etc., etc. because the list can go on.  I have talked with others who have had this problem and was advised of certain options to accept.  I hope we can be moved in all the way by fall, but at this rate I need Windows (iPhone automatically makes it a proper noun which is so funny!) for next winter or we will more than definetly freeze and everything we will break. Anyone else have an idea on what I should do besides "wait" for the large companies response to what is acceptable for this trouble? Please let me know, all options are considered! 

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