Thursday, April 5, 2012

Perfect Calm ~Review & Giveaway~

There are moments in life when we feel run down and stressed out, often at the same time!

New Chapter Perfect Calm

New Chapter Perfect Calm is the ideal organic whole-food multivitamin herbal and nutrient formula for those seeking to address daily stress, enhance calm and overall well-being. It is the first and only multivitamin to feature the long revered anti-stress herb Supercritical Holy Basil, which has been shown in scientific studies to modulate cortisol and ease a worried mind. Chamomile and Lemon Balm offer additional soothing effects by promoting healthy levels of calming neurotransmitters. Perfect Calm provides a combination of 25 whole-food vitamins and minerals formulated to promote optimal health while targeting the nutrients your body needs most during times of stress, like whole-food complex Vitamins B and C. This multivitamin contains cultured, organic herbal blends to provide immune and digestive support — two important functions that can be affected by high levels of stress.

So the big question is ... What is Stress?  To us, it encompasses MANY things - laundry, sickness, doctors visits, paperwork, deadlines, travel to work, gas money... so many stressful things.   Merriam-Webster states Stress is:
  • A force exerted when one body or body part presses on, pulls on, pushes against, or tends to compress or twist another body or body part; especially
  • The intensity of this mutual force commonly expressed in pounds per square inch  
  • The deformation caused in a body by such a force 
  • A physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation  
  • A state resulting from a stress
Teacher's Perspective:  At first I was skeptic.  I honestly was thinking how in the world would a supplement calm me down and "take" my stress away.  With mountains of paperwork, especially at this time of year, searching for certain things, dealing with assessments, and all the other wonderful things life throws at a moments notice I needed something.  To add on top of that mountain my levels were all jumbled in my body not knowing what to do.  I took my supplement and low and behold it seemed to work!  I know it could have been in my head and I just thought they helped me, but I really do feel they did.  I am not going to say it was better than drinking some of my favorite wine and laying out working on a suntan, but it did seem to mellow me out a little.  Did the extra vitamins prevent me from getting sick? No ... I am not sure anything can do that!   PS. I loved that they were GLUTEN FREE!  

SAHM Perspective:  As T stated, I was a little skeptical of what New Chapter Perfect Calm would do or not do.  I was having a horrible week when it seemed everything was caving down on top of me and going cold. OK, the going cold part was my furnace picking the exact moment to quit working.  This was stress with a capital S, especially when there is a 2 year old running around!  I tried the supplements and I did think they worked or at least were starting to.  It stated to 3 tablets daily, but there were only 15 in our sample so it lasted 5 days.  

Want your own?  Enter below! 

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  1. When my three kids are fighting! (Corey Olomon)(

  2. We found out recently my dad has a form of leukemia, it's been very stressful on my being:-(

  3. Waiting to find out if I was pregnant!

  4. I was really stressed when my dad had his heart attack. Thankfully he survived and is good now. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  5. When my toddler finger painted with vaseline all over the bathroom, walls, sink, toilet, bathtub, floor, you name it!

    That was closely followed by my preschooler breaking open an entire bottle of syrup on the the carpet in the kitchen!

  6. One of my most stressful moments was almost losing my son while I was in labor. He's my miracle baby.

  7. My most stressful time was making sure I passed my college courses :)

  8. The last 6 months... my first daughter was born in October.

  9. When I am trying to cook dinner and clean and my kids decide to act up at the same time!

  10. Sitting in a waiting room during my dad's amputation.

    Maggie Ann True Armstrong
    maggie at pdclarion dot com

  11. I own my own Beauty Pageant company and it is very stressful trying to keep all of the moms happy lol! Thanks for the giveaway!


  12. One of my most stressful moments is feeling ill and the doctors not being able to tell me what's wrong with me.

  13. I am very stressed right now. This sounds like all the "flavors/scents" I tend to gravitate to in times of stress. I might go buy this.



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