Tuesday, May 8, 2012

SASS Yourself Slim

Cynthia Sass, the creator and co-author of the New York Times Bestselling Flat Belly Diet presents her new break-through, 30-day weight loss program Cinch! targeted to end overeating, leaving dieters feeling full and satisfied while enjoying the best food combinations to burn fat and boost metabolism.

 S.A.S.S. Yourself Slim is a 30-day plan in two parts. Part one is a 5-Day Fast Forward option that jump starts your results. It calls for four simple

First there is something you need to know - I learned so much from this book!  I admit I am at a good weight but just need to tone myself up.  I wanted to get the book so I can learn what to do, how to eat better, and how to help hubster  do the same.  In the book it has a chapter on how to help your significant other through it! Great idea! 

Because I always need research behind something to prove its worthiness, I was excited when Cynthia included it in the book.  I loved how many topics and research she gave to prove the concept behind her strategies to lose weight.  

There were quite a few ideas I will definitely use and share with others.
-Grapefruit!  We know it is supposed to help lose weight but she shared a study on what 1/2 a grapefruit actually did.
-Only 1 cup of coffee a day - I will be a giant crank butt if this does happen...eventually if it even does! 
-Drink lots of tea and water!  It fills you up!
-Spices, spices, and more spices!  We love hot stuff so this is going to be easy :) 

I will write later when we do try the 5 Day slim plan.  It supposedly will help you lose a lot of weight fast in 5 days safely.  I looked at the diet plan which includes things for you to eat and many recipes and it does not seem that bad :)  

Want your own copy? Visit Amazon to get it! 

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  1. This sounds interesting. Eating well is so importan! I found you via KarmaBloggers and I'm following now. I hope you'll do the same for me.:) I look forward to reading about the 5 day slim plan.



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