Saturday, July 14, 2012

NNAT2 Test book!

The Test Tutor: NNAT2 practice workbook. The NNAT2 is a test given to children ages 5 to 17 as part of a gifted/talented program admissions process.  As a General Education and Special Education teacher I can see even more reasons to use it!
Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (second edition)—NNAT2 uses progressive matrices to allow for a culturally neutral evaluation of students’ nonverbal reasoning and general problem-solving ability, regardless of the individual student’s primary language, education, culture or socioeconomic background.  

What do teachers use the NNAT2 to evaluate students?
  • General ability in the entire student population
  • Students of limited English skills from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Gifted and talented students
  • Non-English speakers, intermediate English speakers, and students learning the English language for the first time
  • Students with limited motor skills, hearing impairment, and minimal color-vision impairment
  • Students whose economic or social circumstances have limited their acquisition of knowledge and verbal skills 
What I liked about this series is it only takes around 30 minutes to administer! Plus, almost any education professional can use it: bilingual educators, testing coordinators, gifted & talented teachers, special education teachers, functional life skills facilitators, counselors, & school psychologists. 

I received the workbook to try out and it can easily be made to use with as a whole class exercise, 5 minute warm-ups, or a bell ringer.  If you are not really sure what a 'Bell Ringer' is then you are in luck!  In the first 5 minutes or the last 5 minutes of class you have your students sit down, collect their thoughts and complete an activity.  I would use my projector,  an overhead camera, or for specific students a copy of the question(s) you are giving out.  The thing I liked most about the NNAT2 book is it is spiral bound, which makes it extremely easy to manipulate and use.  I hate when workbooks are in the thick binding, which often wears out and pages disappear.  With the NNAT2 workbook you will always have the pages in a neat and orderly manner. 

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