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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Parts of Speech!

The new Common Core Standards are changing curriculum across the entire state of PA for all subjects.  This is the first time in quite some time English had been taught - I understand and know what you are thinking because I questioned why it was not taught before too.  The only way my school could make it work without completely butchering the school day was to do a 1/2 year English course.  Goal: Shove an entire years worth of English curriculum into 2 9weeks. Me: Challenge accepted! 

Although I understand my scores as a teacher are derived from the PSSA test results from my students and time is so valuable in this course, I'm fine with spending extra time to make learning more meaningful.  We are studying Parts of Speech : Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb. Who wants to just memorize the facts and answer questions from the book or a worksheet? Not me nor do I like to constantly teach that way! 

This is the beginning of our Parts of Speech phamplet. I had students pick 6 different colors from the construction paper stockpile. They really enjoyed this -who does not like making a rainbow of colors? We then spaced then out evenly length wise, leaving about 1" of the previous color showing.  Next we made sure they were straight (I ran around the entire room checking) and folded it half so the edges met, made a crease, and finally cut! You get two phamplets from 6 pieces of construction paper.  Wa-la done! Just kidding... I had to cut the majority of their papers because it looked like a weedwacker attacked their phamplets or Edward Scissorhands was in my class.  I'm a classy teacher who uses these references a lot... 😂. 

When we finish I'll upload the final product! 

Monday, August 17, 2015

1st day of English activity

If you teach K-12 this is a great little lesson to bring the "Summer brain" back to  "Schooltime brain." You can teach a mini-lesson on parts of speech or whatever you think the students need according to their grade level.

The students can either choose their first or last name --the longer it is the better!  They then draw it out in pencil in bubble letters ; if there are cheerleaders in the room have them help, somehow it's an innate ability to draw letters like this. The nouns, verbs, and adjectives should describe that student and what they are like.  Have fun with it! 

1st letter: Nouns 
2nd letter: Verb
3rd letter: Adjective
Repeat for the rest of the letters! 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Back to school - Printables!

Below are a few items I use when the school year starts - some are made by me and some are made by other amazing teachers! 

3 minute until Dismissal Checklist!                             
I have this placed by my classroom door. Obviously because the clock is near it and the little eyes always watch the clock for the time! I have it in a Word doc so if you want it just comment and I'll post it - you can edit it however you like! It is great for those even more intense "observations" that PA has now ... blah.

Chalkboard Rules poster

This is really cute!  If you know anything about me, well I love chalkboards and they were huge at my wedding.  Without a doubt this would be included in my classroom!

Sadly, "we do lots of tests" is the truth in PA.  When I was in school we had book reports and could make fun presentations and had choices.  Now if it is on the PSSA it has to be taught and nothing else unless you have "free time" which never happens.  I always try to do projects in my reading classes but with the limited resources, time, and strict curriculum guides (Common Core) one has to bow down and get the standards/content done. 

Student Information Sheet

This little guy comes in handy!  I found this on the internet a few years ago so I honestly did not make this and wish I knew who the original author was!  I am going to mix it up a bit this year for my new students who move in and add e-mail address to the form.  Many times parents do not fill out the office form out all the way and I grab this doc once it is completed for their use.  Once I use up my supply of these the newest one will be made and posted for you.

Remember, if you want Word Doc/PDFs of the above just respond below and I'll send them out. Happy new school year!


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