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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hall pass!

A problem MANY teachers face deals with the hall/bathroom pass. Well I have a solution! Upon discussing this with my class we came up with the ideal solution that benefits everyone. Check out the photos! It has worked great so far this year! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hilton HHonors Teacher Treks Campaign

One of my favorite things about teaching is seeing the student grow up, from the beginning of the year to the end.  As most of you know I am a blonde.  One of the funniest moments in my teaching career was when I had a student who thought that all blondes were really dumb - he must have believed the jokes!  I had to go to the length of bringing him my college transcript to show him I was actually really smart!  After that he had nothing but respect for me.  I still think it was hilarious!

Hilton is having a contest for Teacher Treks Travel Grants.  They are giving 15 teachers the chance to take a trip of their lifetime!  Well they chose 30 and now the readers have to choose 15.  Be sure to go to Hilton to vote! You can even get the chance to win a gift card worth $250! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

R.L. Stine

Do you remember R.L. Stine?  My favorite were the pick your own adventure ones where you have 3 choices and then move your character throughout the book.  I always took the wrong turn and was ate by dogs or turned into a Vampire.  Yes, I am that person.  

Another flashback is to the Are You Afraid of the Dark?  show.  Well on the Hub they have R.L. Stine's show that is just like it - The Haunting Hour.   Love it!   You can look here for more information.  We had the chance to watch the show Grampires from The Haunting Hour.  The kids loved it!   It was a great show to watch, especially around Halloween.  With the "Frankenstorm" breathing down out necks and the end of the 9weeks, we decided to take a small break and watch Part 1.  Do you know you can do many activities with this?  Think 4Squares, writing prompts, active discussions, etc.   Check out the video below!


I was selected to be a MommyParties host as part of a promotional program with MomSelect. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Uglee Pen is back!

Remember when we received UG Lee Pen earlier in the year?  We received the black ones and thought it would be great if they made it in other colors.  Guess what?  They now have WHITE!

The Uglee Pen was developed by Dr. James Lee, a physician, after years of hand cramps from taking notes in medical school,Dr. Lee developed the Uglee Pen, the worlds most comfortable pen.  The UGLee Pen is good for everyone who writes (even just a grocery list), and is especially helpful to people who experience pain and discomfort when writing, for example those with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.,. It's also the best writing utensil  for children who are learning to write and are developing fine motor skills, as well as helpful for special-needs children who find holding a pen or pencil properly difficult. And for high-school and college students who have to take copious notes, this pen helps keep hands and fingers from cramping.

 We loved that the gripper is so soft and makes it easier to write.  I did find that the ink will not write on certain types of paper, which is a downer for teachers.  Who knows what type of paper we will receive with all these budget cuts! 

Want your own?  Check out the website to order !

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I love organization.  I mean LOVE it.  When I had the chance to review these I knew exactly what I was going to use it for ... but I had to narrow my list down because I only got 2.  I received the Pink and Green  boxes.  They were so easy to assemble and were automatically taken for kids toys. Hubbs brother was in the process of moving and these were the best things to stick the toys that were contantly in use.  As the house was getting fixed (paint, cleaning, etc.), I constantly heard how amazing it was to just have these within reach to keep the kids occupied.  It was even better because the colors were so bright and different, the kids did not fight over which box was theirs! The teacher in me still added their names to the write on area with my Dry Erase Marker though :)  If I even get these back, hopefully, I will use them for my classroom!  Teachers absolutely love organization ad boxes that are simple to put together and pack as these are.

Packaways is a brand new Storage Box that ships and stores in the flat position. When needed, simply press on opposing corners and the bottom "Automatically" folds into place and locks. When not in use, simply press on the bottom and the box folds back down flat for easy, out of the way storage. Ideal for homes, apartments or living quarters where use is intermittent and space is tight. Many applications: Moving; Back To School; Organizing The Kids' Rooms; Basement or Garage; Seasonal Items, etc. You can color code your things or have the colors match your decor. Proudly made in the U.S.A. from durable corrugated plastic. Great for harsh storage conditions or long-term storage since moisture and humidity won't effect the integrity of the boxes. Will last hundreds of cycles under normal circumstances. Comes with 2 Wipe Away Panels that allow you to conveniently identify the contents of the box. If you use China Dry Erase Markers, you can simply Wipe Away the previous contents and remark the box. Please go to for more information.

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Healthy Child Healthy World!

Nordic Naturals will donate a portion of proceeds from selected Nordic Naturals children’s products to Healthy Child Healthy World during its Back-to-School promotion, which will run from August 1st   through October 31st. One dollar of every bottle sold of the following products will be donated to Healthy Child Healthy World:
  • Nordic Berries™ – chewy, sweet-and-sour multivitamins provide 100% of the daily value of the most essential nutrients
  • Nordic Omega-3 Gummies™ – easy-to-chew, omega-3 tangerine treats for ages 2+
  • Children’s DHA™ – chewable, strawberry-flavored omega-3s support brain and visual function for ages 3+
  • Baby’s DHA – omega-3s for babies 5-35 lbs. with a measured dropper for easy addition to formula or food

One way to help your child stay healthy is to eliminate toxins in the home. For example, use natural cleaners while cleaning the high chair and play areas. Have you ever thought about the toys your children play with? Make sure those are cleaned thoroughly after they are sick! Germs are nasty little things that will hang around! 

Healthy Child states  their mission is:  "We ignite the movement that empowers parents to protect children from harmful chemicals." What I thought was interesting was it has a Action Kit by Erin Brokovich.  Remember the movie with Julia Roberts? Yeah, she played Erin Brokovich!  Learn more about it here.  

 Want to know more about these wonderful companies that are committed to helping our children?

Nordic Naturals- Based in Watsonville, CA, Nordic Naturals is committed to delivering the world’s safest, most effective omega oils to help provide the essentials of an extraordinary life. Distributing to more than 35 countries, Nordic Naturals offers over 150 products in a variety of flavors and formulations, all in line with leading standards for safety, efficacy and sustainability. By providing omega oil supplements for adults, kids, athletes and pets, Nordic Naturals helps everyone do more of what they love. 

Healthy Child Healthy World- Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Healthy Child Healthy World began in 1992 after five-year-old Colette Chuda died of a rare form of non-hereditary cancer linked to environmental factors. Playing a leadership role in one of the most important public health and environmental movements of the 21st century, Healthy Child Healthy World today ignites the movement that empowers parents to protect children from harmful chemicals. Healthy Child Healthy World is a national, nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

Join the movement!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Childrens Drawing DVD

In July 2012, Steps4Kids released its Steps4Kids to Draw DVD with approximately 90 minutes of video modeling to help emerging artists learn how to draw shapes, animals, people and things.    For children learning to draw shapes, the "Shapes" section shows how to draw a circle, square, triangle, rhombus/diamond, heart, cube and star.  Each shape uses colored graphics to help children learn to identify the shapes as well!  

For more advanced artists, the Steps4Kids drawing DVD shows how to draw animals that you may find on a farm, in the house, in the water or at the zoo! (20 total)  The "People" track shows how to draw 5 faces, introduces "profiles" and demonstrates how to draw basic clothing.  The "Things" track shows how to draw a bike, car, flowers and more!    Each section (Animals, People, Shapes and Things) has "all play" features that enable viewers to play multiple demonstrations at once but also enables viewers to select each item individually to practice their favorite items!

Let me tell you that B and I play DrawSomething everyday.  I draw like a kid, with stick figures and all.  Don't get me wrong because I love the simplicity of stick figures, it shows I am not an artist - that gene from my dad went straight to my brother.  Steps$Kids drawing DVD is pretty neat!  I know it is for children and it was a hit in this household.  To be honest I can now draw more than 40 things better than I could before watching this DVD  :) 

I know of this company because it has many education DVDs out for cursive writing, beginning writing, and multiplication.  They have won many awards for their DVDs and this one is on of the same.  It was recently named "DVD of the YEAR" (CreativeChild Magazine, Art Category).  Plus, with so many parents looking for stuff made within the US, this is - San Diego, California to be exact!  It sells around $24.99, which is a good price considering it is 1.5 hours long!  

To get discount codes and all the great stuff we want, check out their FB page :) 

The teacher in me wanted to point out that on their website they have printable worksheets, FREE!   The ones that could be used with the DVD are the Story Worksheets.  It has a box at the top to draw in and room at the bottom (lined) to write a story to accompany it!  I love it!
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Ah! Cows are taking over the world!

Cows are trying to take over the world! But how would these normally docile creatures do such a thing? Only Jimmy Tatley, a fourteen year old boy from Golthwaite and his faithful, clever sheepdog companion Flossy can find out and stop them in time to save everyone from becoming the bovine’s slaves. This is not without its perils and comical consequences however. Of course, they get a little help on the way from some unusual characters, the avians and not forgetting those mysterious agents ‘The Masters’. 

This book honestly did make me giggle. When I see a cow they are usually slowly chewing their grass and walking around at a leisurely pace.   Within the humor presented in the book, it made the reader have a great message when finished - You can always make a difference!  I loved that the bird, Robin, demonstrated over and over again that being small is a moot point when dealing with situations he was faced with.  I'm not entirely sure what was in the water at this small village, but it would be extremely interesting to see!  'The Masters' is an interesting group.  At first I was thinking it was just a general term for humans, but then was surprised when I read it.   It reminded me of the movies Cats v. Dogs and how they lived in a world that was completely secret from us.  This book is a great mix of humor, wonder, and action.  It is a piece of creative writing that children will love.  Many activities can be made out of it in a classroom too :)  Be sure to like the author on FB because he travels to many schools and most likely has many ideas to offer as well!
  • Creative Writing activity dealing with another animal that they could see try taking over the world
  • Study of descriptive words
  • Book project dealing with art 
  • etc.
 This was a great easy read and children of all ages can read it, with or without adult assistance.  Remember, if it is on an EReader they can automatically use the dictionary while coming across an unknown word.  Check out the Book Blog for more info!

Buy this book on Amazon  B&N  Kobo !

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Rent Your Textbooks and Help Operation Smile!

When I went to college I was completely unaware of how expensive books were!  Even used books were way over my budget.  Then at the end of each semester, I had a bunch of books that the book store wouldn't even buy back.  It costs me at least $500 per semester! How I wish that was around then!  They allow you to rent all the books you need and you save a ton of money in the process!  How it works:

  1. Search for the textbooks you need.
  2. Rent your books.  You determine how long you rent them.  They have many options.
  3. Receive your books-Free shipping is included in the rental price!
  4. Return your books when you're done, also with free shipping!
When I first heard about them I wasn't expecting the books to come at such a great deal!  Here is a newer edition of a Biology book that I bought in college.  At the book store I paid over $200.  Right now on Amazon it is $165.  Campus Book Rentals has is for just $23.69 for a full semester!  That is a huge savings and would really add up if you used them to rent all your textbooks.

If saving money wasn't enough, they donate to Operation Smile with every textbook rented!  Here is a little about Operation Smile from their website:
"Operation Smile is an international children's medical charity that heals children's smiles, forever changing their lives. 
As a international charity for children, we measure ourselves by the joy we see on all of the faces we help. At Operation Smile, we're more than a charity. More than an NGO. We're a mobilized force of medical professionals and caring hearts who provide safe, effective reconstructive surgery for children born with facial deformities such as cleft lip and cleft palate. 
Every three minutes a child is born with a cleft — often unable to eat, speak, socialize or smile. In some places these children are shunned and rejected. And in too many cases, their parents can't afford to give them the surgeries they need to live a normal life. 
That's where we come in as one of the top charities providing much needed surgical services. Since 1982, Operation Smile — through the help of dedicated medical volunteers — has provided more than 2 million patient evaluations and over 200,000 free surgeries for children and young adults born with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities. 
As one of the most prominent charities for children in the world and with a presence in over 60 countries, we are able to heal children’s smiles and bring hope for a better future. If you are looking to make a difference on a child’s life, Operation Smile is one of the best charities to donate to."
Not only does Operation Smile give needed surgeries, they also have a research department.  They are working on finding out why some children have a cleft palate and on ways to improve treatment.  Here is an example of a young girl that they helped!

Pretty amazing, right?  You can find out how to donate, volunteer, and more here.

This post was sponsored by Campus Book Rentals. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shirts for Guys

Are you looking for  affordable gun tees ?  Well I found a place that has them online! a lot of our friends go on hunts throughout the US, so I instantly thought of them when I saw this. 

I always wash my shirts before I wear them, unless they are from Hollister or Abercrombie because they already smell great :)  The first time I washed this shirt I noticed the design lifting a little as other shirts with this type of printing material. It only appeared where a lot of detail was, so that could be improved.  The shirts are available in virtually any style - tee, tank, LS, hoodie, man/woman. 

There are so many shirts on this website, go take a look yourself.   As a teacher I'd like to point out what the 2nd Amendment is as follows :
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Go to these websites if you want to teach or refresh on this topic.  Especially because it is going to be wildly debated in the next few months.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

NNAT2 Test book!

The Test Tutor: NNAT2 practice workbook. The NNAT2 is a test given to children ages 5 to 17 as part of a gifted/talented program admissions process.  As a General Education and Special Education teacher I can see even more reasons to use it!
Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (second edition)—NNAT2 uses progressive matrices to allow for a culturally neutral evaluation of students’ nonverbal reasoning and general problem-solving ability, regardless of the individual student’s primary language, education, culture or socioeconomic background.  

What do teachers use the NNAT2 to evaluate students?
  • General ability in the entire student population
  • Students of limited English skills from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Gifted and talented students
  • Non-English speakers, intermediate English speakers, and students learning the English language for the first time
  • Students with limited motor skills, hearing impairment, and minimal color-vision impairment
  • Students whose economic or social circumstances have limited their acquisition of knowledge and verbal skills 
What I liked about this series is it only takes around 30 minutes to administer! Plus, almost any education professional can use it: bilingual educators, testing coordinators, gifted & talented teachers, special education teachers, functional life skills facilitators, counselors, & school psychologists. 

I received the workbook to try out and it can easily be made to use with as a whole class exercise, 5 minute warm-ups, or a bell ringer.  If you are not really sure what a 'Bell Ringer' is then you are in luck!  In the first 5 minutes or the last 5 minutes of class you have your students sit down, collect their thoughts and complete an activity.  I would use my projector,  an overhead camera, or for specific students a copy of the question(s) you are giving out.  The thing I liked most about the NNAT2 book is it is spiral bound, which makes it extremely easy to manipulate and use.  I hate when workbooks are in the thick binding, which often wears out and pages disappear.  With the NNAT2 workbook you will always have the pages in a neat and orderly manner. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Revenge of the Vegetarian"

The author, Jim Tilberry, has his tongue firmly planted in his cheek, while taking humorous jabs at a variety of easy targets.  Get a silly lesson on how to deal with meat eaters in social situations.  Read hilarious interviews with famous dead vegetarians such as Gandhi, Socrates, and Ben Franklin.  You'll even get a comical look at how the English language would change if an overly zealous vegetarian politician got his way. 

The book also poses a lot of "what ifs."  What if there was a "Vegetarian Olympics"?  What if vegetarians ruled the country?  And what would a vegetarian horoscope tell you about your future?  Also you'll learn some laughable techniques meat eaters can use to more easily quit their carnivorous habit. 

"Revenge" pokes fun at vegetarians, vegans, liberals and conservatives.  But it pokes the most fun at meat eaters.  This short entertaining book is ideal for any vegetarian or vegetarian wannabe with a sense of humor.

"Revenge of the Vegetarian" is a paperback with just 70 pages.  It’s a very quick and easy read.

This book was a wonderful read, much different than the other books regarding vegetarianism. One thing I noticed about this book was the choice of font and spacing.  It made it exremely easy to read and would be great for all ages.    As a Special Education teacher I always look at this to determine if the font can cause confision or is to closely spaced.  This book is neither! The book is binded (put together) to last, especially if children are constantly flipping though it.  I loved the 10 Great Reasons to Become a Vegetarian, mainly #7: 
7. It's easier to pick up women. When you're at a bar or party, tell the women you just met that you're a vegetarian because you care about animals.
Revenge of the Vegetarian is on Amazon for $11.95.  
This is a great addition to any classroom to promote differences and understanding, as well as having for ones own library. 

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sustainable History and the Dignity of Man

Synopsis: Sustainable History and the Dignity of Man is a new philosophy of history. This volume outlines how sustainable history is propelled by good governance, which balances the tension between the attributes of human nature - emotionality, amorality and egoisms - and human dignity needs, such as reason, security, human rights, accountability, transparency, justice, opportunity, innovation and inclusiveness. The author proposes minimum criteria for good governance that are sensitive to local cultures and histories but meet certain common global values to ensure maximum and sustainable moral and political cooperation. Using an ocean model of a single collective human civilisation, the author argues that we should think in terms of a common human story that is comprised of multiple geo-cultural domains and sub-cultures with a history of mutual borrowing and synergies. The author argues that, today, all geo-cultural domains must succeed if humanity as a whole is to triumph. This collective triumph will also depend on reason and a recognition that a great deal of knowledge is indeterminate and may be temporally, spatially and perhaps culturally constrained, as is outlined in the author's new theory of knowledge: "Neuro-rational Physicalism".
Dr. Nayef R.F. Al-Rodhan is Senior Scholar in Geostrategy and Director of the Programme on the Geopolitical Implications of Globalisation and Transnational Security at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, Geneva, Switzerland.

This book weighs a whopping 3 pounds! Yes it is intimidating from the onset, but you will ease into it.  It has a lot of amazing information/ideas and is separated in sections to make it easier for a reader, even one who is new to this type of genre. The first section is a review and/or introduction to various theories and references to a book we recently reviewed called Emotional Amoral Egoism.  The second section is distinctly different.  Dr. Nayef R.F. Al-Rodhan believes we can create a justice for all type of existence.  As the world is now, justice for all in the world is a Miss America dream.  If we are relying on his theory from Emotional Amoral Egoism, we realize that this happens because of humans being self-fulfilling.  Some countries rely on 'justice' by killing without thinking - how is this really called justice?  Finally he focuses on the scientific part of things, which is the authors specialty! He discusses ideas such as gene therapy and nanotechnology.   Big ideas for such a small world! Be sure to check out his website.  I highly recommend this book for philosophy, history, and science people!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Emotional and Amoral Egoism

By: Dr. Nayef R.F. Al-Rodhan
Synopsis: The enduring assumption that human behavior is governed by innate morality and reason is at odds with the persistence of human deprivation, injustice, brutality, inequality and conflict. This book offers a fresh look at human nature and universal security by proposing a new general theory of human nature, "emotional amoral egoism", and a specific theory of human motivation that draws on a wide range of philosophical, psychological and evolutionary approaches to human nature as well as neuroscientific research. It argues that human behavior is governed primarily by emotional self-interest and that the human mind is a predisposed tabula rasa. The author argues that most human beings are innately neither moral nor immoral but rather amoral. Circumstances will determine the survival value of humankind's moral compass. This insight has profound implications for the re-ordering of governance mechanisms at all levels with a strong emphasis on the role of society and the global system. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the substrates of human nature and its universal security implications in relation to identity, conflict, ethnocentrism, xenophobia, morality and global governance.

Dr. Nayef R.F. Al-Rodhan is Senior Scholar in Geostrategy and Director of the Programme on the Geopolitical Implications of Globalisation and Transnational Security at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, Geneva, Switzerland.

First, if you are saying what in the world is she taking about?  Do not fear!  Well, unless you have flashbacks to Ethics and Theory while at college ... This book is extremely well written and poses many questions for the reader.  The main question I picked up on was the entire concept of humans being born with a Tabula Rasa - A Blank Slate! When you compare people, whether they grew up in the same area in the world or not, certain decisions they make are key to what they will grow into as an adult.  As the author states,  we are prone to certain things from our genetics and the environment we currently live in.  Basically we are more emotionally driven than anything rational.  Dr. Nayef R.F. Al-Rodhan explains humans are self-fulfilling, looking out for number 1, when making any type of decision.  Depending on where one grew up, the environment has a key element in this area.  

This would be a great book to use in a Ethics and/or Theory class.  It is around 240 pages, sold on Amazon, and should be a college read!  Be sure to check out his website for more information.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Party Games! ~Review & GA~

4th  of  JULY  PARTY Games

4th of July Party Games Packet has 20 great games -- Read more so you have tons of fun on Independence Day

4TH of July Party Game includes:
  • Independence Day Trivia game
  • Independence Day Mad Libs
  • Patriotic Trivia match game
  • Presidential Trivia game
  • State Nicknames match game
  • Beers of the World placemat game
  • Nasty British Food trivia
  • Military Trivia
  • Baseball Trivia
  • Survival of the Fittest party game
  • Red, White & Blue Scavenger Hunt
  • Happy 4th of July Left-Right
  • American History trivia
  • Independence Day Synonyms game
  • Fast Food trivia
  • US Beers match game
  • Tangled Tongue Twisters Tango
  • Pick the Party Stars
  • Meet Your Match acting game
  • The Color of Music
The games are downloaded via email. They're yours to keep forever, and reuse at future parties!
What we like most about this company and the 4th of July Packet is it includes both children and adult games!  Usually they are filled with games just for kids, but Python Printables includes stuff for us :) Who would not want to play the US Beers Match game, especially if you have all the beer to do it!  Now, that would be a great July 4th party - especially ending it drinking some American beer like Iron City or Coors Light!

Want your own game set?  Enter below! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

PrintRunner- Stickers ~GA~

PrintRunner is an online printing company with affordable printing for postcards, stickers, etc.  We are going to do  sticker printing services!  

Why stickers?  Well you can use them on and for everything!  As a teacher I used stickers for rewards, keeping track of attendance, points, and on graded papers.  Now I am looking at stickers in another way - the wedding way!  I would love to get one that is monogrammed or has something to do with a wedding.  There are so many things you can do, even putting your own faces on it!  Customization baby!

Be sure to go to their website and look around or build your sticker you have the chance of winning!
  • Sticker Shape: Standard Stickers
  • Flat Width: 2"
  • Flat Height: 3.5"
  • Quantity: 250
  • Paper: Premium Sticker Stock
  • Colors: Full Color ( 4 Color Process), Black and White
  • Proof: NONE
  • Ready to Ship In: 3 Business Days
Just a little reminder, this giveaway is open to US Residents only, ages 18 years old and above and only to new PrintRunner winners.

Thank you to PrintRunner for providing us this giveaway, I will receive a set of stickers for hosting this. :) 

Cook'n Organizer~R/GA~

Cook'n Recipe Organizer  program is a database of recipes that you have tried or want to try.  It has multiple features that you can use, even if you just like to Google the recipes!

Below is a list of things you can do with this software!

Whether preparing a home-cooked meal for loved ones, printing a family cookbook, making a menu to simplify meal preparations, analyzing nutrition to help you eat healthier, or syncing a shopping list to your mobile device to save time and money at the grocery store, Cook'n puts your favorite recipes at your fingertips to help you create the things that make mealtime enjoyable.

With any software you need to learn how to do it.  I used it for awhile, then it updated.  I had to teach myself how to do it again because it was awhile since I last used it - no cooking and all.  With cooking being done by Wendy and the King, 5 lbs of weight gain were a present I did not want!  The recipes in this database can be altered however you want and post the nutrition facts.  Much easier to count actual calories if you need to.  

I also love that you can search the internet within the database.  Being Gluten-Free it is often hard to find good recipes that do not cost an arm and a leg.  I found a great recipe for a Chocolate Icebox Cake.  Yum!   The only hiccup I noticed was when taking a recipe from a normal webpage and transferring the ingredients when you say 'Capture.'  It does save it's web address so that is handy.

They have a Cook'n Club!  I am not entirely sure what this is like, but I know I would love to try it.  Supposedly it has meal plans for you!  Yay to someone else doing the work of planning!  Visit their FB page to get more chances to win!

Want your own?  Enter below for your chance to win a copy!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Help others with Green Works!

Last spring artist Kiji McCafferty transformed an urban space into a Reverse Galley.  
Do you remember my post on it?  Check it out here!

Drawing inspiration from nature, artist Mr. Kiji used Green Works cleaners as the medium to create murals in a mundane underpass in Silver Lake, with the hope that the unexpected art exhibit illustrates that cleaning can be beautiful and inspires viewers to do their part.

How can you help? 
"Like" Green Works on Facebook
-Simply by watching the time-lapse video of the transformation at, $1 will be donated to the Environmental Media Association, promoting more green works.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Out of the Woods: Healing Lyme Disease ~ Book

At the peak of her career, Classical Homeopath and health care columnist Katina Makris was stricken with a mysterious "flu". Only after five years of torment--two completely bedridden--and devastating blows to her professional and family life was Katina's illness finally diagnosed as Lyme Disease. But diagnosis was only the beginning of her journey toward healing.

Twenty thousand cases of Lyme Disease are reported annually, with thousands more still undiagnosed or mistreated due to faulty testing protocols. This infectious disease can create gaping physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds, leaving tens of thousands of people in progressive states of illness, collapse, and financial ruin. Yet, Katina Makris' vivid story offers practical information for diagnosing and treating the bacterial invasion, as well as powerful guidance for mending the broken spirit. Rooted in personal recovery experience, a deep understanding of alternative medicine, and a poetic connection to nature, Out of the Woods transcends the boundaries of any one disease to reaffirm the power of hope for anyone grappling with life-shattering chronic illness.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sweetness Book Tour

Bold As Love Series


By Lindsay Paige 

Synopsis: Emily wished she was invisible. But after moving to a new town with her dad, a charming boy makes it impossible for her to disappear. Despite her feelings of unworthiness, Emily soon finds herself drawn to the safety of Jake's world. Good looking and the star of the hockey team, Jake has a lot going for him. What most people don't see is the difficult life he has at home. When quiet Emily steals his heart, Jake vows to help her discover she is worthy of love.  Just when the two of them realize the sweetness of their relationship, they are put to the test. Only together can they overcome their haunted pasts to fight for a future together. 
I read this book in a few hours sitting in the doctors office waiting for an appointment for my future father in-law. For me it was a quick and easy read. It incorporates the silent tragedy and secrets teens,adults as well, keep close to them so others do not realize what is going on. When I was younger I remember my mom telling me that there is no such thing as a perfect cookie-cutter family - even the ones that appear so happy or have everything are always missing/hiding something. This book points it out exactly. Jake is a star hockey player and lives with his dad and little brother, Drake. Is their family perfect? Not quite. His dad is an alcoholic who continually blames Jake, the main character, for his mom dying. However, she died from the nasty C-Word, Cancer. Jake has taken the role of being the father/mother for himself and younger brother. He cooks, cleans, goes grocery shopping, watches Drake, and even helps Drake with his homework. Drake will often go to practice and games with him because Jake is afraid to leave him at home. He keeps this secret from everyone in school, even his teammates. 


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