Sunday, August 19, 2012

Auric Blends~Review

I am not a huge perfume girl.   I find that most ones are too strong at first but then their scent fades fast.  That is why I was excited to try a roll on perfume.  I wanted to see the difference between a spray and a roll.  Auric Blends Perfume Roll Ons solved my problem! About Auric Blends:
"Since 1993 Auric Blends has been captivating women and men with our creative line of fragrance products. Our perfumes and incense are handcrafted and always made from the highest quality ingredients from around the world. We invite you to enjoy what millions of people worldwide have come to know and love as their favorite fragrance line. 
Auric Blends is located in the small, historic town of Graton in Northern California. (When we say small, we mean it. Graton has only one main street, and about 1800 people call it home!) We are surrounded by vineyards, redwood trees and the cool coastal air that comes in from neighboring Bodega Bay. It’s a majestic and beautiful place that inspires us to create.We love making perfume, incense and all the other aromatic products we offer. We hope you love them too. 
Auric Blends Perfume Roll Ons are the company’s best-selling product line. The 1/3 ounce roll ons come in 39 different scents ranging from floral to fruit, to Oriental to fresh. They are hand-blended from exotic perfume ingredients from around the world."
I recently was able to try two scents, Chinese Rain and Sweet Rain. They were both really great! The Chinese Rain is a slightly stronger scent than Sweet Rain but they are both really subtle.  They were not over powering but were surprisingly long lasting.  I can see my using the Sweet Rain on a daily basis.  I really prefer the roll on perfume rather than a spray.  I was worried that the oil would irritate my skin but it was really gentle.  The bottle is small but since you only use a little bit each time, I think that they would last for awhile.  Plus if you do run out, they are only $7.50 a bottle!  Also, the bottle is small enough to toss in your purse or make up bag.  They come in forty scents in fruity, floral, wood, fresh/green, spicy/oriental and musk.
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I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.

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  1. I love roll on perfume too! And what a great price. I'm always a little leary about buying something I haven't tried out but at that price I just might.



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