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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My October Starbox!

Last week, I received my one of my favorite things, my October Starbox!  My monthly box is always exciting to get because I know that I will love everything inside.  Starbox is a monthly beauty box that includes three to four full-sized beauty products!  By full-sized I mean that it is the same size that they sell on their website.  No mini bottles or tiny sample packs come in this box! This month's box included Gold Dust Eyeliner Pencil, Posh/Peddle Eye Shadow Pigment, Masquerade Lipstick, Masquerade Eye Stickers and mystic quartz crystals.
Everything close up!
When I opened my box, I grabbed the eye shadow pigment first thing.  That exact color has been my favorite color since I was a little girl.  I knew I was going to love the eye shadow without even having to try it once.  At first, I was a little confused about the pigment part, what made it different than regular eye shadow.  I went onto the Starlooks website to read about it.  I found out that these can be mixed with other eye shadow, loose powder, foundation and lipstick.  You can ass as much or little color as you want to this is a great way to create the perfect shade for you.  I used the pigment over top another purple eye shadow to add a great simmer to my eyes.  I cannot express how much I love this!

I wasn't sure that I would have much use for a gold eyeliner.  However, when paired with the eye shadow pigment, it looks fantastic.  I have been using it in the corners on my eye to make my eyes looks sparkly.  

The lipstick was the most surprising product is this box.  I never wear lipstick.  It always comes off too easily or refuses to come off.  I hate when I put on a lipstick to try the color, not like it, and it is impossible to get off.  The lipstick in my Starbox was the perfect combination of long lasting and easy to get off.

I think that this box(and every other month I have tried them) are well worth their $15 price tag.  They always include over $35 worth of products and a few freebies, like this month's eye stickers.  I am always impressed with my boxes and am sure I will continue being so!

Learn more on their Facebook and Twitter pages!

I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Lunch Skins Giveaway

Did you know that it is estimated that more than 20 million sandwich bags end up in a landfill just from school lunches?  My husband uses brown paper bags for his lunch and I can't stand it.  I strive to be as green as possible but I have never seen an alternative!

Lunch Skins offers high quality reusable bags that are not only stylish but also an investment. They are washable, durable and affordable. Every household should have a few of these on hand.

Sweet Silly Sara had the opportunity to try Lunch Skins. Read her review here to find out she thought of this product.

If you feel lucky, The Sublime Media Connection has a giveaway for you. One reader will win a Lunch Skins reusable sandwich bag. This giveaway begins on 10/26 and ends on 11/2.

Connect with Lunch Skins to learn more and to order reusable bags:

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This giveaway was brought to you by the Sublime Media Connection. The participating bloggers cannot be held responsible for the delivery of this item, as that is the responsibility of the sponsor. If you have any questions regarding the delivery of the prize please email

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

ZombieZoo Giveaway!

Here is a great giveaway just in time for Halloween.  I know that my little one would really enjoy playing with these.  Good luck!

What is ZombieZoo?
Created by children's author and illustrator Neecy Twinem with the help of her muse Boo, ZombieZoo is a too cute line of plush undead critters that is fun and not too spooky for the little ones. Chances are most grown ups will like the ZombieZoo gang too.

Sweet Silly Sara had the opportunity to review a complete set of mini plush ZombieZoo animals . You can read her review here to find out what she thinks of this playful line.

Visit the Zootique to order prints, minis and full size plush critters.

Connect with ZombieZoo:

The Sublime Media Connection has a fun giveaway for you! You can enter to win the complete mini ZombieZoo set valued at $34.75. This giveaway begins on 10/23 and ends on 11/2.

Good Luck!

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Zoobies Giveaway!

The Sublime Media Connection has another giveaway in store for you that I thought I would share.  This would be a great gift for any little one who loves animals.  I am thinking about getting one of them for my daughter for Christmas!  Good luck!
Zoobies Blanket Pets are more than just a toy- they are a pet, a pillow and a blanket all in one. Who doesn't love a multi-tasking product that is adorable and fun?

Sara had the opportunity to review Puddles the Pig. Find out what her 2 year of son thinks of this unique product by reading her review here.
One lucky reader is going to win their choice of a Zoobie Blanket Pet! This giveaway begins on 10/15 and ends on 10/29. Enter via the rafflecopter form below.

Connect with Zoobies:

This giveaway was brought to you by the Sublime Media Connection. The participating bloggers cannot be held responsible for the shipment of this prize as that is the responsibility of the sponsor.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kristian Regale Giveaway!

Kristian Regale is a really fantastic sparkling juice that is crisp, light, caffeine free, and made with all natural ingredients. This non alcoholic beverage is very refreshing, very sparkly and can add an instant touch of elegance to any occasion. The Sublime Media Connection had the pleasure of sampling an assortment of Kristian Regale and we are pleased to share our experience with you and one lucky reader will win 6 bottles of Kristian Regale sparkling juice.

Brittany of SAHM&TW shared her Kristian Regale with her daughter, it is the perfect way to make a tea party extra special. Read her review here to find out more.

Jen of Pin-n-Tell paired Kristian Regale with fondue. Find out what she thought of it by reading her review here.

Amanda of Coupons and Lesson Plans shared her Kristian Regale with her family. Find out if they approved by reading her review here.

Sweet Silly Sara served Kristian Regale to her husband on his birthday. Find out if he liked this drink by reading her review here.

Amy of Live, Laugh, Love...Our Way shared with her family, find out how many tries it took to serve the drinks by reading her review here.

Connect with Kristian Regale:

One lucky winner will receive a prize pack containing 6 bottles of Kristian Regale sparkling cider. This giveaway begins on 10/13 and ends on 10/27.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Itzbeen Giveaway!

Our friend from Sublime Media Connection did this great review and giveaway!  This would make a great gift for any new or expecting mommies!  Good luck!

Itzbeen Pocket NannyWe are on our second baby and while I'm still exhausted this time around, I have a slightly better handle on what I'm doing and when it needs to be done. But, it can still be difficult to keep track of everything that babies need and when you last did it, which is why the Itzbeen Pocket Nanny can be a great help for brand new parents, seasoned veterans, and all caregivers in between.

The Itzbeen is a small electronic device about the size of a baby monitor that helps you keep track of all the vital stats about your baby such as when he last fed and which side you breastfed on, how long he's been sleeping, and when his diaper was last changed. Plus it has an extra timer if you need to keep track of when to give your baby medicine or other items. And, there's a clock, a nightlight, and the display can be backlit with the touch of a button so you can read it without turning on a light at night. It can stand on its own or be clipped to your belt for easy access anywhere.

Itzbeen pocket nannyWhen I received the Itzbeen, I gave it a test run, and even though I do know what I'm doing this time, the Itzbeen helped me keep track of things so I could focus on chasing our 2 year old and getting some work done. Each of the tracking functions can also be set as an alarm. So, while I timed our baby's diaper changes, feedings, and naps with the appropriate functions, I used the extra timer for a variety of things such as setting a time out for our older boy when he misbehaved. I even used it to time some muffins I was baking so I could go upstairs and put laundry away while they cooked without forgetting about them.

I think the Itzbeen would be especially useful for parents of premature babies or babies with special needs. It would really take some of the pressure off tracking the medicines and extra care those babies need. And Itzbeen is also great for babysitters and other caregivers. Just hand it over to the babysitter, and she'll know exactly when the baby was last fed and changed, and she can keep track so you will know just what needs to be done when you get home. Overall, it's a highly useful product. My only word of caution...don't lose the directions! There is no way I would every remember the combination of buttons to push to set the clock!

The Itzbeen retails for $24.99 and is available at baby retailers world wide as well as online at Amazon, Target, and other online retailers. To find a store near you, visit

This review was completed by Sarah B.

Sarah is a military wife and stay at home mom to a 2 and a half year old and a 2 month old. She loves to bake, craft, and play with her little guys, and enjoys blogging about her experiences as her children teach her how to be a parent. Read about all her adventures at The Education of a Stay at Home Mom.

Sarah received the above product through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was she asked to give a positive review.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bart's Cookies Giveaways!

This is the giveaway for cookie lovers!

Bart Smith of Barts Cookies offered to send the Sublime Media Connection samples for review, and he offered to sponsor a great giveaway! How do you think the members reacted?

Who doesn't love fresh chocolate chip cookies?

Sweet Silly Sara had 2 eager helpers for this review. Find out what her family thought of Barts Combination Chip Cookies by reading her review here.

Samantha of Southern Saving Sisters sampled several flavors, find out which one she liked best by reading her review here.

Brittany of SAHM&TW offers her Mom an apology... find out why by reading her review here.

Crystal of the Pretty Kitty Blog suspected that the title of Worlds Best Chocolate Chip Cookie might be an exaggeration, find out if her opinion was swayed after sampling by reading her review here.

Bianca of Slick Housewives loves that she can send gluten free cookies to her relatives, find out more by reading her review here.

Connect with Barts:


If you feel lucky enter to win a prize via the rafflecopter form below. 1 winner will receive a dozen of Barts Cookies. 25 winners will each get a coupon for 25% off any order. 5 winners will each get a 50% off any order coupon! This giveaway begins on 10/9 and ends on 10/23.
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Friday, October 5, 2012

Clipa Giveaway!

I am the person who forgets her purse every where we go!  This would be great! Good luck from us here at Blabs from a SAHM and TW!


CLIPA - instant handbag holder
Running around with my kids to sporting events, concerts, shows, and dinners means that I always have to have a handbag/purse by my side. My handbag is my saving grace it has everything from safety pins to snacks. My bags are constantly on the go and they take a constant weathering as they are set down everywhere. One thing I am very particular about as are many ladies is my handbag of choice! I purchase brand name bags because this is the one thing I like to treat myself to. What I do not like is setting my bag on the floor of a restaurant where people have spilled or do spill or there are possibility of those tiny ants marching across the floor into my bag! I do not like putting my hand bag on the floor while sitting in the bleachers because often beverages have been spilled or are spilled during games and that messes up my purse. I don't like destroying something that I purchased specially to enjoy and laying a handbag anywhere other than in my home is just a sure fire way to destroy it! I have used handbag holders, but you have to carry those in your purse and 'fish' them out which is often really more of a hassle than it is worth. In addition, the ends are sharp and the ends have punctured the inside satiny pockets, again not helpful.

When I go to the nail salon to get my mani/pedi there is generally no where to put my handbag and I refuse to separate from my it, so I will often set it in my lap, but that is cumbersome. When I travel to local ball field with my kids to watch them play football, soccer or baseball again my lap is where my purse goes, not the ground, floor, grass, or bleachers, there just has to be a solution!

My bag is with me wherever I go and now I have a new item that helps me HANG my purse called a Clipa. My Clipa is with me all the time whether it is strapped to my bag waiting to get hung up or on my wrist being worn as a bracelet, I am never without my Clipa. Clipa allows my handbag a place to hang no matter where I am. If there is a fence, I attach Clipa to the fence and hang my handbag, when visiting my friends in their office space in their office cubicle, the cubicle turns into a hanging post for my bag. Clipa provides me hanging with NO grass, no dirt, no gravel, no restaurant floors! Clipa makes it possible to not worry about messing your bag up or carrying that dirt back to your home kitchen counter and floor.

Clipa hangers are instant, no-hassle purse hooks that will help you preserve the life on the bottom of you bag as well as save you from hauling bacteria into your home! The Clipa hooks onto the bag so you are not searching IN your purse for your hanger, it is on the outside of the bag. The smooth finish on it is pretty and will NEVER need polishing and the hinge on it is very strong. The weight of the Clipa is about 2 oz. and it will hold up to 45 pounds. The expected wear and tear on a Clipa is about 10 years, this is amazing!

Where it says CLIPA is the rubberized grip tips
Here is what it looks like up close: It has little clear grippers on it!

The Clipa is not just for handbags/purses, but can be used on diaper bags, back packs, shopping totes, umbrellas, briefcases, blankets with handles on them and so much more!


Clipa is easy to use. You clip it to your bag(Clipa), and then when you are out, simply hang one end of Clipa to the surface, it's that simple. When you are done staying at the location you are at, simply pull your purse strap and Clipa will slide ride back onto the bag. No fuss, no muss! These are great HOLIDAY gifts! Check Clipa out on Facebook for updates.

from CLIPA fb

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

{2012 Holiday Gift Guide} Ozeri FRESHSPIN Salad Spinner and Serving Bowl

Not too long ago, I was able to try Ozeri's Digital Scale.  You can read my review here.  Ozeri makes digital products for the modern world.  They have a ton of really cool stuff that I would love to try out like electronic wine openers, salt and pepper mills, and book lights.   I was really impressed with the scale, so when they asked if I would like to try another product I had to say yes!

I received that FRESHSPIN Salad Spinner and Serving Bowl this time.  Now I have never even used a salad spinner so I was intrigued.  The first night I tried the salad spinner, I wasn't really prepared to be wowed by it.  However, after using it,  I really like it.   The amount of water that came off the salad way exceeded my expectations.  There is a stop button even to stop the colander inside from moving.  It really only took two pumps to get all the excess water off our spinach!
Look at all the water!
My favorite part is that it is a salad spinner plus a serving bowl.  I am way likely to use the salad spinner because I am not dirtying up any extra dishes by doing so. I just cleaned the spinach and tossed in some cheese and cranberries.  So easy!  This would make a great present for any mom or health conscience!

Find out more by checking out their website, and Facebook page!
Or buy it on Amazon!

I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Goat Milk Stuff Giveaway!

Kara is a loyal body wash user. You will almost never catch her using bar soap. You can imagine her skepticism when she found out she would get to try out some goat milk soap from Goat Milk Stuff. However, she is always excited to try a new product. It was no different with this product, despite the hesitation.

Kara received vanilla, clean cotton, Luv Spell, oatmeal milk & honey, pink sugary, baby powder, purity, and patchouli. Goat Milk Stuff has many other scents as well. It was fun choosing which ones to try. Goat Milk Stuff is primarily run out of a rural southern Indiana home, just a few short hours from where Kara currently resides. It is a family business with a mom, dad, and eight kids each contributing in their own ways.

Not only does Goat Milk Stuff carry soap, they also have insect repellant, lip balms, lotion sticks, and more. The products have many benefits, which Kara discovered were completely accurate after trying out the soap. The unprocessed goat milk they use contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which aid in removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Goat milk also contains vitamins, minerals, and cream. You won't find the chemicals that are in other soaps. The soap is great for those with excema and psoriasis. Be sure to read Kara's full review of Goat Milk Stuff products on her blog, Kara's Deals and Steals.

Sign up for the Goat Milk Stuff newsletter and you will receive a 20% off coupon code to try their stuff yourself.

Goat Milk Stuff has been kind enough to provide a $25 gift certificate to give away to one lucky winner. The giveaway will run from 9/29-10/13 and is open to U.S. residents. Please enter on the Rafflecopter below.

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Disclosure: Kara's Deals and Steals received free products through Sublime Media Connection for review. This giveaway was brought to you by the Sublime Media Connection. The participating bloggers cannot be held responsible for the delivery of this item, as that is the responsibility of the sponsor. If you have any questions regarding the delivery of the prize please email

Friday, September 28, 2012

Holy Yum! Bart's Cookie~Review

We rarely have anything sweet in our house but when we do it is cookies.  I am a pretty good cook but I can't bake at all.  I was under the assumption that all cookies are pretty much the same.  But after I tried Bart's Cookies, I knew I was wrong!

Bart started baking while he was in college for his friends and family.  Then he started his own company and he began sending his cookies to all his clients as thank you gifts.  After twenty years he decided that cookies should be his business!  And boy after tasting them, I can tell you he was right!

Bart's Cookies come in the following kinds:

~Dark Chocolate Chip
~Milk Chocolate Chip
~Milk+Dark Chocolate Chip(Combo)
~Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Chip
~White Chocolate Chip
~White Chocolate Chip+Macadamia Nuts
~Plus Gluten Free versions! 
I was able to try the milk chocolate chip cookies.  When I first opened my box of Bart's cookies, I was surprised that there were two extra cookies!  At first glance they looked small but then I realized how tall they were.  I have never seen a cookie look the way that Bart's do! I took a bite.  Then another.  Then possible one more.  They were delicious!  They somehow manage to get that fresh out of the oven taste, without the oven.  The cookies were moist and packed with chocolate chips.  When my husband got home from work, he made a beeline to the cookies.  Within minutes of trying one, he was on Bart's website looking at other flavors.  We finished our cookies about two weeks ago and the hubby is still talking about them!  These cookies are seriously the best cookies I have ever had(sorry mom)!!

Find out more:

I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.

Susan Brown's Baby Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer~Review

Although my daughter is too young to go to school, many of her activities start at the same time school does. She just started dance class and there are 13 other little ones in her class. At the end of each class after holding hands and rolling around on the floor, they each get a lollipop.  Those dirty hands go straight into their mouths.  I knew I had to be proactive in keeping her well.  When my daughter gets sick, she not only doesn't feel well but also gets very crappy.  When I heard that I was going to get to try Susan Brown's Baby Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer I knew that it would be great for her after dance class.

About the Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer(from their website):
"The must-have purse or diaper bag accessory! Our best selling Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer contains jojoba and vitamin E beads that will leave your hands feeling moisturized while decreasing the bacteria on your hands. Wont leave hands feeling sticky."
Filled with moisture beads!
When I think of hand sanitizers, I think of sticky messes that end up drying out my hands.  I almost never use hand sanitizers because of that feeling.  During the winter, my hands are always super dry so they are completely out of the question then.  Susan Brown's Baby is so different.  It somehow manages to leave your hand feeling like you just used lotion.  It left absolutely no residue but left my hands feeling clean.  There are moisture beads made with vitamin E and jojoba throughout the hand sanitizer.  I think that there is no way my hands would dry out after using it, making it perfect for winter!  It does smell like alcohol but leaves your hands with a fresh scent.  My hands almost have a fresh linen scent to them.

The hand sanitizer is dermatologist tested and free of both parabens and phthalates.  I really like that because it makes me feel safe using it on my daughter.  She really likes using it because of the pink and blue "dots".  I tossed this in my purse last week and have been using it almost every time we leave the house.  I put in on her every time we get in the car after we go to the store.  I would recommend this to any mom or soon-to-be mama!

I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My September Starbox!

So last month I received my first Starlook's Starbox.  You can read about how much I loved the last one here.  I was so excited to get this months box!  I was really impressed with last month's box so I knew this month's was going to be great.  Here is a little refresher on the Starbox:
"Starbox is a new monthly subscription box from Starlooks that includes 3-4 FULL SIZED beauty products! For only $15 a month you will receive over $35 worth of full sized beauty products. If you like one of the products you got, you can go on their website and purchase it. Also, you can save by referring your friends to Starbox! For every person you refer, you will receive 100 Starbox Points. 100 points equals $10 so that savings could really add up!"
This month's box contained:

  • Signature Eye Shadow Palette with five full sized eye shadows
  • Clear Eye Shadow Primer
  • Opal and Champagne colored Swarovski eye crystals
  • Mystic Quartz Crystal

The eye shadows are fantastic!  They are light enough to give just a hint of color with a ton of shimmer.  I have been using them over my regular shadow to give it an added shine.  My daughter even noticed that my eyes were shiny purple. 
All five shades
 Now I have never used a eye primer before so I have no idea what to expect.  The primer goes on completely clear.  You can feel it on your eyelid but it's not greasy or bad feeling in any way. I noticed that it really held my eye shadow on all day.  It also helped prevent any smudging.  

I did not get to try the crystals because I didn't have a glue to use.  However, I plan on getting some before Halloween so I can try them out then. This would be nice for any special occasion when you want to try something new and fun with your eyes.

 I was just as impressed with this box as I was with last month's.  I can't wait for my October box now!  Once again, highly recommended!

Learn more on their Facebook and Twitter pages!

I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Zevia All Natural Soda~Review and Giveaway!

I am a huge Mountain Dew fan.  I drink it every day and as I am getting older, I realize how bad it is for me. Almost all soda is packed with sugar.  I needed to find an alternative to my usual pop if I wanted to start becoming healthier.  Most diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners which I am not at all comfortable with eating.  Other sodas use sweeteners such as honey, agave or fruit juice, but they also contain the added calories. Then I read all about Zevia and how they use the all natural, zero calorie sweetener stevia!

About Zevia(from their website):
"We’re all soda loving people at Zevia. We grew up with classic soda flavors, and turned away from them for health reasons. So making naturally delicious, healthier versions of the familiar favorites we grew up with, without sugar, just seemed smarter. In fact, Zevia is just that, the smarter soda.
At Zevia, we feel it’s not just our business, it’s our responsibility to tell people that there’s a better way. We’re passionate about stevia, and if we can make the soda category– and the world – better with our product, that’s a very meaningful contribution. 
With natural products, being healthy isn’t enough – a product has to taste great, and also be healthy, to really be a compelling alternative. At Zevia, we really believe that we’ve created a better soda."
Zevia comes in all of these flavors:

Cola, Cherry Cola, Dr.Zevia, Caffeine free Cola, Grapefruit Citrus, Ginger Ale, Lime Cola, Orange, Black Cherry, Strawberry, Cream Soda,  Grape, Lemon Lime Twist, Mountain Zevia, and Ginger Root Beer. 

We were able to try Caffeine free Cola, Grapefruit Citrus, Dr.Zevia, Orange, Mountain Zevia and Black Cherry.  Now being a avid Mountain Dew drinker I was really curious about the Zevia counterpart.  It does not really taste like Mountain Dew but it is really pleasant.  It seems to taste a lot lighter and even a little sweeter.  I really did like it and I could see myself drinking this.  My husband loved the Black Cherry flavor. He said that it had a really great flavor and it was perfectly sweet.  The Orange was my other favorite.  It surprised me that it was clear not orange.  I would next like the try the Ginger Ale and Strawberry!  If you are looking for a great alternative to regular soda, Zevia is the way to go!

Find out more:

Zevia has generously offered one reader a coupon for a free six pack!! All you have to do is enter below!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Dali Decals~Review and Giveaway

Check out the review and giveaway I did for Sublime Media Connection! Good luck!

You know when you move into a new house and realize that you now need to decorate all the bare walls. That is what happened to me at the beginning of this year. After I hung all our pictures and other stuff, we still had a few huge blank spots on the walls. We rent our house so I didn't want to go through the hassle of painting(getting permission, repainting when we leave, etc.). I had heard of wall decals but really didn't know much about them.

About Dali Decals(from their website):
"Dali Wall Decals are a great and inexpensive way to decorate your apartment, home, office, and more! We have hundreds of stock-designed wall decals that can be made in over 80 different colors to match just about any decor. Any of our stock-designed wall decals can be custom sized to suit your needs. We can also create custom wall decals! Instantly transform any room with a unique wall decal customized and made to order just for you! Wall decals are quicker, easier, and less expensive than painting. Our wall decals look painted on once installed. Plus, you can remove our wall decals at any time! We include step-by-step instructions and an application squeegee with every wall decal order. Our representatives are available around the clock via phone and/or email to help you with any questions you might have on custom wall decals or installing your wall decal.Wall decals are easy to install on just about any wall, smooth or textured, and are easily removable without damaging the wall. Our wall decals are removable, but not reusable. Our wall decals can also be applied to glass, and can be installed indoors, outdoors, and even on vehicles! We only use the best quality material available to create our wall decals!"
I knew that I wanted to get something with my daughter's name on it for over her bed. There were a lot of really cute options to choose from but I ended up choosing the Cute Birds with Pennants. I was expecting it to come a one solid decal but you needed to cute out around each bird and pennant. This was a good thing because it would have been difficult to put up by myself. They do recommend that if you are installing a large decal to use two people. But since mine was a small decal I put mine up alone. It was way easier than I expected it to be!
I put up the first bird as a reference then taped each pennant and other bird to the wall. The only problem I had was putting this up was my daughter running around tweeting like a bird! Each decal comes with detailed instructions and they have online support in case you do get confused.
The finished product! I really, really love how it turned out! My mother has been looking for a way to spruce up her bathroom and I recommended Dali Decals to her. This is a really cheap way to decorate any room in your house. These are perfect for renters like me that small children. I am planning on some more decals in the near future! Highly recommended!
Dali Decals is giving away a $25 gift certificate to one of our readers! But in case you don't win(or can't wait to try them), they are also offering 5% off any order! Use coupon code: Sublime5off to receive this great offer!

The giveaway begins on 9/14 and ends on 9/28.
Find out more:

This review was completed by Brittany of the SAH&TW blog.

I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

SwirlyDo Hair Ties and Twist-N-Roll Hair Threader~Review

Lindo Health & Beauty Products has a variety of beauty products including feather hair extensions and spa massagers.  I was lucky enough to be able to try two, Swirly Do hair ties and Twist-N-Roll hair threader.  I have seen the Swirly Do hair ties in the store before but wondered if they really did all that they claim.  I have seen hair threading at salons but have never tried it myself.  I also didn't know that you could do it at home!
These are designed to eliminate "pony lines" and they work!  My hair is really thick and medium length so I usually have to pull my hair tie really tight for it to hold all my hair up.  The Swirly Do's really held up all of my hair with ease.  They also come out really easy so I am not pulling out hair every time I take my hair down.  My daughter has thick, long soft hair so I was afraid her hair would just slip out of these.  They kept her hair up for a full day and there was no struggle trying to get it out without pulling her hair.  No more tears for her!
As I said before, I have never used a threader and had no idea you could do it at home.  I do get my eye brows waxed but I try to pluck as much as I can at home.  For some reason, every time I get waxed my face gets really red and swollen.  It's so bad that I usually do not go anywhere that day or even the next day.  I was really excited to be able to try the Twist-N-Roll hair threader!  All you have to do it bend it and roll it up your face to remove any hair.  It feels just like plucking so it's not really painful.  I like this more than tweezers because they get all the hairs, even really small, fine ones.  Plus it gets more hair at once so it takes way less time than plucking.  I love my Twist-N-Roll and I plan on using it for a long time!

I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eagle Creek~Review

When my husband started going on work trip, we realized that our luggage was really lacking.  He likes to only use a carry on but he ends up cramming all his clothes into it. Needless to say but his clothes get really wrinkled.  I have gotten many panic calls about how to work an iron while he's away.  Eagle Creek has come up with the perfect solution for most packing problems!

About Eagle Creek(from their website):
"We take pride in crafting durable and intelligent products; smart solutions that deliver delight and discovery as benefits are revealed through each leg of your trip. Every buckle, zipper, webbing and fabric choice is scrutinized based on rigorous lab testing. Then we take our products on the road to make sure that when you travel, Eagle Creek will have your back. The places we visit motivate our aesthetic, infusing our products with the experiences and sensibilities of travel. Our products are made by travelers, for travelers. 
We are keenly aware of the environmental impact of everything we produce. We strive to minimize material waste, and source and manufacture with the least environmentally impactful fabrics, trims and packaging materials. As many of our customers tell us, they have been carrying their Eagle Creek gear for years and have been amazed with the longevity of our products. To that end, we strive to make stuff that lasts a lifetime which means Eagle Creek products inevitably stay out of the landfill that much longer." 
I was able to try their Pack-It™ World Traveler System Set!  These are designed to fit more stuff in less space making it perfect for carry on bags.  It includes:

~Pack-It™ Folder 18
~Pack-It™ Cube
~Pack-It™ Cosmo Small
~Lifetime Warranty 

I first used the set when going to visit my mom for the weekend.  I was able to fit all of my clothes in the Folder and my daughter's in the Cube.  It drastically reduces the amount of bags that I usually take on a trip.  I was also able to fit my make up, face wash and toothbrushes all in the Cosmo Small bag.  Normally, I take at least two make up/toiletry bags.  
All of my daughter's and my things!
Everything I could fit(plus extra room) in the small bag.
The bags are really high quality and I could see them lasting for a long time.  They even offer a lifetime guarantee!  I like the material they used.  They would be easy to wipe off but don't have that cheap plastic like feeling. My husband has already claimed the bags as his for when he goes on another business trip.  Now I won't have to have the emergency ironing call at 6 AM!  

 Eagle Creek has a wide selection of all sizes of luggage. The also have a have a great page filled with travel tips and packing guides.  You can find out more by checking out their Facebook and Twitter pages!  

Stay tunes because Sublime Media Connection will be giving one lucky reader a set of their own!

I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review

Monday, September 10, 2012

Keep Your Child's Eyes Safe with Real Kids Shades~Review, Coupon and $250 GC Giveaway!

Everyone on my husband's side of the family has really bad eyes.  I am so worried about my daughter's eyes and try to do everything I can to protect them.  She really likes wearing sunglasses but as soon as I turn my back she takes them off.  We drive to my mother's house every six weeks or so and it takes over two hours.  There is no way that I could reach back and find her sunglasses every time she takes them during the trip.  Then I heard that I was going to be able to try a new kind of sunglasses for kids called Real Kids Shades.  

About Real Kids Shades:
"Real Kids Shades are specifically constructed to fit kids’ faces and their lifestyles. Our My First Shades line was designed with the help of a pediatric ophthalmologist for optimal fit, comfort and safety. All our sunglasses are made exclusively for infants and children in kid-approved styles that are shatterproof, impact-resistant and adaptable to sports and active lifestyles. 
Kids need to be active, outdoors and in their sunglasses. Made to be worn year-round, our banded frames fit just as well under ski helmets as they do bike helmets. Our patented neoprene bands with Velcro® adjustable closures keep them secure and in place on the court or in the yard. And they’re tough. Real Kids Shades are made to be outgrown before worn out."

 My daughter received the My First Shades in Pink Daisy.  My daughter wears these everywhere!  She is wearing them as I type.  
She loves them!
Wearing them around the house
Back of the sunglasses

I really like that they are not toys but actual functioning sunglasses.  They provide 100% UV protection (both UVA & UVB) and are shatter proof.  Anyone with a toddler understands how important it is to buy products that can take a beating.  These sunglasses will last a really long time.  The strap on the side is easy to adjust but still manages to hold the glasses on her face.  I plan on keeping her pair in the car for those long car rides.  My favorite thing about her new shades is that she likes them! They seem like they are really comfortable on her and she really enjoys wearing them.  

Find out more:

Click here!
They are also having a Back to School Giveaway! Click here to enter to win a $250 Visa Gift Card!

Stay Tuned because we taking part of a Real Kids Shades giveaway soon!

I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.


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