Monday, June 3, 2013

Diamond... we have a problem!

So I went to pick out my wedding band today - did not get anywhere except let down! I am not a big nit-picker when it deals with stuff, I am just a funny girl who basically goes with the flow.  But Huston Diamond, we have a problem ... haha.

The store told my fiance when he purchased my ring there was a band that matched it perfectly and not to worry.  When I went to the store to look at the choices and find which one I liked best THERE WERE NONE!   The lady said she would order some and we can come back in to try them on.  While eating lunch in Pittsburgh I received the call back that said the only band I could get that matched it would be more than the single band they offered($3250) and the single band would "Leave a gap between rings".  Who wants a band that does not match their ring and does not fit perfectly?   Why did the associate tell my future hubbster about the wedding band when there are none that match it anyway?  Very upset in the service ... That is just part of the problems that I dealt with on that day...  I absolutely hate when someone tells someone something just to get a sale, a rather large sale if I may say so, especially to someone who does not know anything about jewelry in the first place!  

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