Friday, June 28, 2013

Testing Out Teespring

As a blogger, we get asked to check out new websites all the time. Most of the time, the site looks promising but is a slightly altered version of a much more successful site. Teespring is genuinely an amazing one-of-a-kind website that offers a crowdfunding platform for groups, causes and communities to design and sell custom apparel. What does all that mean? Basically, you can design and sell your own shirts online with no upfront cost to you.  

How it works:

Step 1:
Design your shirt!  Choose from different styles of shirts, fabrics, fonts, and graphics to customize a shirt that is perfect for your fundraising project.
Step 2:
Set your moneymaking goals.  There is a really easy feature that lets you decide on how much money you want to make and how many shirts you need to sell to get there.  
Step 3:
You can choose a name for your campaign and write a description, sharing any info you think is important to someone buying a shirt.  You can always customize a URL and pick how long to sell your shirts.
Step 4:
Launch and share your campaign!

With other shirt ordering sites, you must guess how many of each size you will need and pay for all the shirts in advance.  Not with Teespring!  Since everyone buys their shirt online, they can get what they exactly want and are paying them directly for the shirt.  The shirts only print when you have met your sales goal(minimum of ten shirts) and you never have to deal with collecting the money on your own!

Other satisfied customers include a couple sold this "Love makes a family shirt" to raise money to adopt and another raised over 85k for Boston relief.  Overall, this is one of the best fundraising sites I have ever come across and I highly recommend it! 

This post was sponsored by Teespring. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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