Thursday, April 12, 2012

Overdrive - Bowlby Library

If you have not heard of this and you live in Greene County you are missing something amazing! BBR and I have many book reviews and giveaways on our blog, SAHM & TW(2b), but there is still that magic moment when you visit the library.  I am not sure if I was a librarian in a past life, but I love going!  Being from a smaller community gives us a privilege when visiting the library - they know you by name.  I love that when I go because I can just browse all the books and find a random one that looks appealing.  My Nana Zollars let me borrow The Help from her and I instantly wanted to find another book that was from the same era/setting.   I did find one, it was called Saving CeeCee Honeycutt.  I actually found it by walking the aisles of books and looking at the covers.  I admit, I had to visit the Bowlby online card catalog to remember what the name was though - I read it last summer. 

What is OverDrive?
It is a virtual library!  I honestly was waiting for this to come out and am so exited the library started it!  You need a library card, so if you are living in Greene and Washington County get to the library and get one - they are free.  On OverDrive you can get books for all of your devices.
Mobile (supports EPUB eBooks & MP3 Audiobooks):
  • Android™
  • BlackBerry®
  • iOS (iPhone®/iPad®/iPod touch®)
  • Windows® Phone 7
  • Windows (supports WMA & MP3 Audiobooks, Music, & Video)
  • Mac® (supports MP3 Audiobooks)
 In my cart now I have Hitler Youth, Messenger, and The Supernaturalist.  I added quite a few to my wait list and and am anxiously waiting :)  Getting the books is extremely easy too!   
**Make sure you have your device plugged in before you open Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Pick your books - you can get 5 out at a time! 
  • Check out - make sure you notice the time frame for lending, 7 or 14 days. 
  •  Download page  - Hit DL and save 
  • Eva K. Bowlby Library
    • DL Adobe Digital Editions if needed
    •  Transfer to your reader!
      1. Open Adobe Digital Editions.
      2. Connect the eBook reader to your computer.
        A link for your reader is displayed under 'Bookshelves'.
      3. Click on the Adobe eBook you want to transfer.
      4. Drag and drop the Adobe eBook to the link for your eBook reader under 'Bookshelves'.  The eBook is transferred to your eBook reader.
      5. Disconnect the eBook reader.
I actually won a Nook from the library Summer Reading "Novel Destinations" challenge.  I love contests and reading so it was a win, win situation for me!

Remember to show some love to your local library! GC resident visit the links below for more info :)

Remember to check out the book giveaways to enter :)

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