Monday, April 2, 2012

Hollywood Stories Book Tour ~Review & Giveaway~

Hollywood Stories: Short, Entertaining Anecdotes About the Stars and Legends of the Movies!  By Stephen Schochet

Genre: Film/History/Humor
Synopsis: At high noon on a cold November day in 1974, sixty-seven-year-old John Wayne faced off with the staff of the Harvard Lampoon on the famous campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The students had issued their challenge by calling the beloved American icon a fraud. Wayne, who had his new movie McQ to promote, responded by saying he would be happy to show his film in the pseudo-intellectual swamps of Harvard Square. After the screening, without writers, the former USC footballer delivered a classic performance. When one smart young man asked where he got his phony toupee, Wayne insisted the hair was real. It wasn't his, but it was real. The appreciative underclassmen loved him and after the Q and A session, they all sat down to dinner. Later Wayne, who was suffering greatly from both gout and the after effects of lung cancer (sadly the Duke only had five years to live), said that day at Harvard was the best time he ever had.
The author is a professional tour guide in Hollywood, so we know he has heard some great stories!  From telling them to his audience day after day, Stephen Schochet decided to write them down.  Gosh, I am glad he did! The book contains many intriguing tales about actors, actresses, directors, and stars.  Just think of TMZ online, or ENews!

I know Hollywood stars are just ordinary people, but being a compulsive visitor of TMZ I was intrigued by the premises of Hollywood Stories.  Where else can you hear stories first hand of all the movie stars, both good and bad, without traveling to the West Coast and paying for a tour guide? 

If you YouTube Hollywood Stories, Schochet you will be amazed at what comes up!  I began by watching the news interview and then fell down the rabbit hole and watched all the other clips.  Wonderful!  

One person who I absolutely love to quote, Marlyn Monroe,  was a hoot!  Stopping a 'ceremony' in order to offer a suggestion is something I would do, even asking if my friends boobs could be put into the star instead of hands!

Schochet writes in a manner that is personable and extremely easy to read.  It makes me picture myself driving around in the bus with him in wonderful California with my big sunglasses and super high stiletto heels.  The next best thing to being in California and in the sun is being in Pennsylvania in the rain... right? :(   The book is filled with short stories, so it was easy to read about a few stars, goggle more about them (I constantly research random information), and pick back up! I read in other reviews that others did not like it because it had a lot about stars from the 50's.  To me that time is mysterious and something that intrigues me!  The author makes some people out to be "not nice" as I hoped, but to each his own!  If I had paparazzi chasing me I would probably do outrageous things myself, tip in nickles, or rely to much on others - GO GET MY COFFEE minion! (:

Overall, I liked this book.  It was a fun read and for someone who loves the gossip websites, I appreciated it! It was a great read while working on my tan and drinking a sangria :) I highly recommend it to others! 

When I was in MBA school we had to run a company and before we closed out/signed in it would always give us a DID YOU KNOW.... so here is mine! DYK Beverly Hills Cop was really to be Sylvester Stallone and an action movie?  I love that it is was Eddie Murphy because that movie is great!   To keep up on more stories, learn of additional books, or just to be a great fan follow Stephen on Facebook !  I highly advise everyone to join Goodreads!  I keep my books on my "shelf" so I remember what I was reading ... it often gets lost in the jumble of everything in my house!                                                   
PS.  A sample can be DL here :) or enter below for your own!

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