Monday, June 17, 2013


Why are weddings so expensive?! We are looking to buy a house and planning a wedding so it is so difficult to find a great place that we can afford to get married!

We liked 3 places, all different locations and looks.
Location 1- old hotel with gold everywhere. Problem is that in pics I looked at the lights showed in every picture as a bright blob, the hotel is nice but distinctly old looking, and it has to be in July. :( Price is $23, 940 George Washington Hotel at WashPa
Location 2- newer hotel that is huge! Problem is it would be on my future hubbys bday, almost $30k. But she woyld throw in at least 70 $ extras per person for free if we do his birthday date! Price is $28, 224 Waterfront Place Hotel at Morgantown
Location 3- pretty party room and a hotel! Problem is I'm not sure where we can get pretty pics to pose for our photographer. Price is $20, 480. Hilton Garden Inn At Southpointe

Which would you go with?

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