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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas bulbs- Do you have extras?

Wow! I took a pinterest idea and created it! Sometimes they are flips, but this was beautiful even during the daytime.

1) grab some lights. I only has extra icicle lights!
2) find your extra bulbs! I ran to Big Lots (50% at the moment yay) and bought the ones I used! We just got married...of course we have all kinds of extra bulbs -- honestly it is just extra crockpots :)
3) shove them all in the glass! The container was actually from our wedding ♡♡
4) you are so creative and talented. Good job!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Teal Mason Jars!


A few of you asked how I created this pretty mason jar that I plan on using in my wedding, as well as others!  I did a few wine bottles in different gold and gold/glitter colors and decided I was going to try it on some mason jars. I know there are probably easier ways to do this, but all I did was get a big glass of my favorite drink and spray paint away.  This is MANDATORY!  Optional is 90's Rap on Pandora - never gets old.  :)

Just a tip - go to your discount thrift stores because they can usually be found there! Or if you want to be extra thrifty just use your spaghetti/pickle/salsa jars! As for the spray paint, well I just thought it was a great color! As an added bonus engine enamel can get to a higher temp. if I decided to put a candle inside too!

1. Wash and dry your jars!
2. Go outside on a nice day that has no chance of rain - it dries faster!
3. I did not mind getting a little paint on me (Acetone takes it off BTW) so I stuck my hand in the jar and did a light coat around it a few times (probably 3 times).
4. I then let it dry a little by sitting it on an old garbage can from my college dorm room - yeah, it was from a little while ago !
5. The easiest way I found to spray the Mason Jars was to just walk in a circle and make your way up the jar - creates the even coat you want without having "clops" of it! 

Need help?  Just ask me below and I'm sure I can think of an answer!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Carefree Crafts Giveaway

This year for Christmas, my daughter was so excited to get a box of crafts or as she calls them projects.  It was one of the very first things she wanted to play with on Christmas morning.  However, when we sat down to do some of these, I was really disappointed.  Every single one made a huge mess or was too difficult for her little three year old hands to do.  She is one of those kids that hates being messy so we tossed the whole box of crafts without completing a single one.  I just wish there were fun crafts for kids that was age appropriate that didn't make a huge mess! 

Carefree Crafts offers just that!  They offer prepackaged craft kids that are sent out based on your child age.    Since they are prepackaged, there is no guess work in which pieces go with each craft.  Each craft kit is based on an upcoming season or holiday and includes five different crafts.  My daughter is so into crafts that we decorate our house for every holiday so this is perfect for us! I was able to try their Valentine's Day craft kit with my little one.  This kit included:
  1. Valentine's Mailbox
  2. Ladybug Tic-Tac-Toe Game
  3. Monster Sticker Sheet
  4. Valentine's Train Card
  5. Puppy Puppet
I showed my daughter all the projects and she instantly wanted to do them all.  So we set up her little table and got to work!  
We started with the mailbox.  This was by far her favorite one and she is actually playing with it right now.  All of the decorations had a sticky back on them so it was really easy to do.  The only piece that needed glue was the knob on the front.  It even comes with little letters and envelopes.  The mailbox itself was surprisingly sturdy for it being a children's craft.
Next up was the train valentine for my niece. My daughter was able to make this one all by herself!  She even keeps it in her mailbox to "send" it to her cousin.
We made the tic-tac-toe board next.  This is the only project we had a little problem while making it.  She had a hard time waiting for the glue to dry on the front so we could add the legs and antennas on.  I finished making this during nap time so we could still play the game.
We made the puppet next.  She had a good time adding on the heart foam stickers.  It was only later that we realized the we put the head on the wrong way!  She really didn't mind and still played with it anyway.

Lastly, she made her own Valentine's Day monster.  This one was also one of her favorites.  She was able to do this all by herself and kept changing all the stickers around to make new monsters.

Overall, I would highly recommend these kits!  There were more than enough parts to create each craft. I loved that there was minimal glue needed because there was little mess to clean up!  Every craft was truly age appropriate and was easy for my little one to use.

You can purchase individual kits or buy a subscription.  Right now you can order their Easter/St. Patrick's Day kit for only $7.95 including free shipping!  Know that you'll love it? They are also offering 50% off the first month of a recurring subscription.  Use coupon code: SAVE50 to get this great deal!

Now on to the giveaway!  Enter below until 2/19 to win a six month subscription for your kid!  


I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The

opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


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