Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eating healthy?

So I need to be Gluten Free so I can start feeling better.  Have you ever looked at the ingrdients in food when you grocery shop?  I tried in the Wbg Walmart and all that I really bought included Capri Suns, salad, GF Bisquick, Van. Silk Soy Milk and that was it.  EVERYTHING I love to eat has seems to be a  "no food" and it is horrible!  I admit I do mostly gfree, which means I will suffer bad belly addominal area aches when I no not abide by it.  :(   Boo!

I did win a GFree Kutz package from a lady's blog - beyond excited.  I tried the Cin. things and they were delish!  But the only problem is I do not really think it is all that healthy ... it seems to be mostly what I would qualify as junk food.  It must be why I am gaining weight!  Darn you delicious G-Free junk snacks! (:

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