Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Being Human YA ~Review & Giveaway~

Book Title: Being Human by Patricia Lynne
Genre: YA Paranormal

Short Synopsis: For Tommy, there is only one thing he needs to do: survive. Only surviving isn't that easy. He has no human memories and Vampire Forces is determined to turn every vampire to ash. The only human he can trust is his twin brother, Danny. Tommy just wants to survive but he'll discover there's more to life than simple survival.

Our review! 
What would happen if you woke one night and had a hunger for something? Yeah, we know we do this with chocolate and other strange things ... but blood?

One night Tommy awoke not knowing what was going on, where he was or why he wanted that copper, metallic flavor that is our sustenance of life.  Patricia Lynne has wrote Being Human in a way that grabs the readers attention (I tell students it is the Hook) and lays the story out in a way that we cal follow and piece together (I tell them that is the Worm). 

The book is broken into parts.  he parts are stages in life that one has - high school, college, family, etc.  Although it was great to see what Tommy and Danny were like throughout life, I still wanted to know more.  I have a very inquisitive mind, kind of like Tommy except I remember and he does not.  I wanted to know more about what happened when Danny was in college, what are other vampires really like, do they all act like Tommy or are they mean like some he has met? Often writers leave the questions remain so we think more about it and it often attracts us to another book! Which to me leaves me wanting Patricia Lynne to write another book about one of the characters she has wrote about that was a main part of the plot.   Please.. will you?  :)

I would definitely see this being read during DEAR time and have some type of activity to finish the book.  I would focus on the student creating his/her own story if they suddenly were turned into a vampire and where they would go to continue living.  Vampire stories for young adults were a hit and will remain to be, so getting this into a classroom and doing a book talk would be extremely easy.  I see not only girls loving to read this book but boys as well.

There are a few reasons why I would recommend this book, for YA (Young Adults) and Adults.
  1. Easy Read
  2. Plenty of action to keep you interested
  3. Descriptions of characters, physically and mentally, so you can SEE them while you read
  4. Various sentence types, not just simple ones! 
  5. For the simple reason of loving to read!
 Want to know where you can buy Being Human?  Well look below! There are options of e-book or paperback format. 

If you want to keep up with the author, offer encouragement, or get sneak peaks of what they are currently working on follow her on Facebook Twitter or GoodReads!

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Because you can read this independently in a classroom, I found this in the internet to use with it!  When I taught I felt it was important for each student to read independently at least 10 minutes a day - we called it DEAR time!  That is Drop Everything And Read, which worked wonderfully because sight words and independent reading skills went up while I did progress monitoring on each student!  Amazing results! 

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  1. The book sounds like something I'd like to read. I've been into supernatural/horror books since I was a teen :).

  2. yes I read YA books



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