Monday, April 23, 2012

Cuties Juices~Review

We recently got to try Cuties Juice from Califia Farms.  What makes Cuties Juice special? It is all natural juice with no added sugar and 150% daily intake on Vitamin C.  It also contains protein, healthy omegas, and antioxidants. Best part?  They taste great! Sweet but not too sweet. They all were a perfect blend!  I got to try the following kinds of juices:

Tangerine, Orange, and Mango Juice
Tangerine, Orange, and Pineapple Juice
GoGo Green- Tangerine and Kiwi Smoothie
Protein Power- Tangerine and Mango Smoothie
Blue Blaster- Tangerine and Blueberry Smoothie
Rockin' Red- Tangerine and Strawberry Smoothie
Island Cuties- Tangerine and Pineapple Smoothie
Dreamsicle- Tangerine Surprise Smoothie

I know that these are designed for kids but everyone in our family loved them.  My husband actually looked up where to buy Cuties near us.  We were afraid we wouldn't be able to find them at our locally owned, small grocery store.  Luckily, Walmart just started carrying them this month!  We really liked all the the juices and smoothies; there wasn't one we wouldn'y buy.  I really liked Protein Power for Boo because she doesn't eat meat.  For some reason, she has never liked meat and refuses to eat it.  GoGo Green and Blue Blaster were like no other juice I have ever had.  Different and very tasty!  I would also like to try Califia Farms other products, Pure Almondmilk and Calico, 100% Pure Coconut Water.

You can read more on their website, Facebook or Twitter pages.

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