Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lightning-fast Spanish For Kids and Families

Almost every year my future hubster and I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to the Riviera Maya for vacation.  As Carolyn stated in the book introduction, most people do not get past "mas cerveza por favor!"  B and I have both had 4 years of Spanish in high school, we did learn a lot but then forgot most of it. When I was in college for undergrad I chose to take a Spanish class.  When I signed up it stated TBA or the Instructor and when I went to class the first day it was one of my HS Spanish teachers!  I learned a lot in the class, had to be an example for everyone ... but talking and listening are two different things.  I was great at listening to the conversations and know what they were saying.  While we were on a dive boat in Mexico the dive crew were making jokes and I was laughing.  Our Dive Master was blown away that I could understand what they were saying, but I could only speak a few phrases back in Spanish. 

I love that the author put instructions on how to use the book.  Most people would just jump right in, often trying them then forgetting the words like B and I did in HS.  As a teacher I loved that we can take the lessons and actually use them as quick lesson plans in the classroom.   Carolyn breaks the lessons up and includes various parts that are easily organized for you.  I  actually tried lesson 1 in the room while folding clothes.  It was a hoot! Sean and my dog just looked at and and were wondering why I had a laundry basket and talking in Spanish to them. 

Overall this book is wonderful.  One of my favorite parts was the activities section.  I though the Map Game activity listed was a great resource. In my first 4 years of Spanish we honestly went over all the words listed.  As a teacher these are all activities I would use in and outside the classroom.  If you are planning a trip to a Spanish speaking country this would be a great resource to use before you leave - you can always use it on the airplane too!  If she does get to offer additional resources for Spanish, word flash cards would be great!  Visit her on Amazon to purchase it or read more reviews!

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