Sunday, July 1, 2012

Herbal Destination: Natural Skin Care and Supplements

I am a huge fan of natural beauty products.  The only problem is half the time they don't really do anything.  So when I got the chance to review Herbal Destination's spa line and supplements, I was really hoping that they would work.  They did!  I tried the Deep Cleansing Scrub, Saffron Cucumber Eye Cream and Stress Supplements.  

The Deep Cleansing Scrub contains crushed pearls, avocado and  Triphala(three different kinds of fruit).  Triphala contains antioxidants and helps fight blemishes.  The crushed pearls act as an exfoliant and bright your skin.  The avocado then helps smooth your skin.  I found that while it is an exfoliant, it was really gentle.  Unlike others, it doesn't feel like you're rubbing your face with sand paper!  My skin was really smooth after using it and my skin tone seemed better within a week.

The Saffron Cucumber Eye Cream was my favorite!  The saffron is used to help get rid of dark circles and fine lines.  The cucumber helps the eye cream feel really refreshing and cools your eye area.  It also contains elder flower, manjista, and kapoor kacheri.  These all help soothe the eye area and reduce puffiness.  I couldn't believe how soothing this felt on my eyes.  The best part is that the jar would probably last an entire year!  This isn't one to those expensive creams that come in the tiniest jar; it's a full 50 grams. I have genetically really dark circle under my eyes(possibly the only downfall to being Italian).  I cannot wait to see the overall effect on my raccoon eyes!  It takes about two to four weeks for full effects and I am on pins and needles.   I have no doubt that this is going to become a regular in my beauty routine.

The Stress Supplements are something I desperately needed!  Whoever said being a stay at home mom was easy had to be crazy.  Here are some of the benefits:

    ~Improves nervous irritability Support memory function
    ~Maintains/supports healthy mood levels
    ~Promotes healthy heart function
    ~Helps Menopausal Occasional Stress and frustration in women
That all sounds great but do they work?  I think so!  My husband has even been taking them because he's stressed from work. Plus I didn't have any side effects, which is huge for me.  I hate taking something that is supposed to make me feel better, only to feel worse!

Herbal Destination is generously offering one of our readers a chance to win a great product of their own to try.  So stayed tuned for that! 

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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